More Creamsicle love comes to Tampa, Florida. Too bad I will be away from a TV

Last football season I wrote something about the unthinkable return of the Creamsicle uniforms of my beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I am obsessed with the creamsicle color, and the winking pirate that adorns the helmet.

Last year was such a success.  I saw a stadium immersed in the day-glo orange.  So this year the owners of the Bucs decided to play it again, Sam.  So much for the dreaded creamsicle never seeing the light of day ever again.  On December 5th, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will run out onto the field wearing the creamsicles for the only time this season.  This should be very exciting for me, but it is not.  I will be out of town, and just far enough away from civilization that I will not be near a television.

The Bucs Throwback Game

I an so proud of my team this year.  When this season started I was prepared to write it off for an array of reasons.  This Bucs team has the youngest roster in terms of average age in the NFL.  The other teams in their division happen to include the defending Super Bowl Champions (The New Orleans Saints)  and the team many picked to make the Super Bowl this season (Atlanta Falcons).  The team’s ownership has slashed payroll, and may not be in financial shape to offer pay raises to their budding stars.  Despite these circumstances, the Buccaneers have rolled to a healthy 7-3 record, and are in a great position to make the playoffs.  No matter how this season ultimately ends, I am going to be very happy with the results.  The seven wins so far well exceed the two wins I was expecting them to achieve for the entire season.  This remaining schedule of games is just gravy for me.

Gravy!  All Gravy!  A creamsicle colored gravy at that.


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