Jesus Christo Costco! It is too easy!!! (Costco trip # 11302010)

The return to Costco was highlighted by me nearly stumbling right into an Unfriendly from way back.  She and her Neanderthal-looking boyfriend were hustling to the Self- Checkout as I was headed towards the pharmacy to see how Mr. Pat was doing.  I decided to head over to the Christmas section to avoid the outbreak of small arms fire.  I snickered as they finished paying for their items and got in line for food at the “Always Healthy” Costco Snack Bar.  Disaster avoided, and nobody was the wiser on this night.

So when daddy shoots the thing with his shotgun during a drunk bender, you will have been warned!

Makes you wonder what the hell you were feeding you baby before!!!

Sometimes the marketing team just throw their hands up and say that name is good enough…

These things are going to sell like coolers on Memorial Day Weekend.  Look!!! They come with a weight already programmed in!!!

It defies snarky comments.  I love the battery back up line.

People who work for God sure know how to get all fucked up on hooch!


I see bacon bits myself… you?

I wonder if these guys sponsor a Wild Kingdom also…


3 thoughts on “Jesus Christo Costco! It is too easy!!! (Costco trip # 11302010)

  1. Lol…Wild Kingdom. Anyone remember good ol’ Marty Stouffer’s “Wild America” shows on the same channel? He had a special nickname in my family that for decency’s sake I will not repeat here!

    Thank you for some good memories and laughs, Mr. Tapperass. 😛

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