The tales of Tagging Tapperass

It all begins in Cato’s Ale House in Oakland.  We are seated at a table that is covered in names and such carved into the wood.  Then I wondered, how cool would it be to put my name in with all of the rest?

I am no great carver of wood, but it was not so much about creating a masterpiece.  I just wanted to leave my mark, and urinating on the table leg is not the kind of exhibition I indulge in.

So tonight I am at dinner with my boss, and another opportunity to leave my mark presented itself.  However, this one will be tossed out with the trash.  This leads to another question:  Where will this tagging lead?  I could take a trip up to the highlands to pee my name in the snow.  I am sure you would all love to see a picture of that…  (pause for readers to finish gagging on that thought)…  Some day I might try a bridge, or the side of a subway car, but for now I am content to doodle in an innocent way.

The thought is just intriguing.


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