Oysters never looked so cool

I have to hand it to my brother.  He has a natural talent for finding some of the most incredible pieces of ephemera and other assorted oddities that most of us would not spot if they were right under our nose.

His blog is dedicated to showing some of the more interesting pieces in his ever expanding collection.  You really should give it a look.

For example, his most recent post (well, recent at the time of my post today), he is showing some pictures of The New Storz Cookbook.  It was put out by the Storz Brewing Company out of Nebraska.  Anyway, the art depicting the Oysters a la Rockerfeller had me rolling.  I sent an e-mail to my brother to tell him how funny the cookbook drawing was.  He replied with an assurance that the book had other drawings that were equally funny.

The best part about my brother’s blog is that he is very eclectic with his collection.  So go give him a visit, and you might find something you like, and you may even learn something new.  I have on many visits.

No Messages Here

Bonus points for finding the picture of an advertisement for something locally related!!!


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