Costco trip #01062011, AND a very special SHOUT OUT to Ernie Branscomb

Mr. Pat and I invaded Costco tonight.  I ran into several people I know.  It was a mini-version of TAPPERASS: THIS IS YOUR LIFE! However, I was quite surprised, and incredibly fortunate to run into our beloved Ernie B. from Ernie’s Place.   He and his wife were in town to buy a couple of things and get a bite to eat at Gallagher’s Irish Pub.

Reason #1  I dig the man from Branscomb Center

The salutation he lays on me when he sees me in Costco:

“Well, hey there.  How are you?  Are you looking for Porn?”

Ernie went legend on me in Costco, and Mr. Pat was my witness.  Thank you so much Ernie for putting the cherry on top of my day.  I hope you and your wife had a great meal at Gallagher’s.  I pray the fries were as good as I said, and if not I owe you one!

– tapperass

OK, we are seriously headed towards life like we saw on the Jetsons.

I am waiting for the first knuckle-head to overdose on Blueberries.

Sounds like the name of a Transformer to me.

Oh no, this won’t confuse consumers at all.  Nope, not one bit.

I never knew vitamins were like fine wine.  Better with age?

If you can’t tear apart paper towels properly after the age of six, use napkins.

Oh sure, Ford starts to show a profit once they decided to let the car buyer assemble his/her own car.

This product name is wasted here.  That name belongs with a sex aide/toy you would find at Good Relations.

No this is not a store display.  It also is not a police line up of cheese.  I was confused for a few minutes waiting for the flying to start.

We had to ask:  What are gourmet, the lobsters or the kisses?

“There’s no way, NO way that you came from MY loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I’m gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!”  (what movie? )

I was looking for O-Positive… anyone?

Be guilty no more!  Now they come in snack size bags.


4 thoughts on “Costco trip #01062011, AND a very special SHOUT OUT to Ernie Branscomb

  1. I was at Costco today too (first day of the new coupon book) and the woman ahead of me in checkout had one of those Perfect Tear paper towel things in her cart. Her husband picked it up to study it. As he turned the box around reading the directions I sensed he was about to say something about it (maybe “What the hell are you buying this thing for?”) but he decided to keep quiet. Probably for the best…

  2. It was great to see you again.

    We went to Gallagher’s for the Thursday night Irish menu. We both ordered the salmon dinner. What could be more Irish that Salmon! I even fanaticized that it might be the great Irish Salmon of Wisdom. The menu said to ask about it’s preparation for this week, so I asked… It turns out that it was a “Salmon fillet steak, broiled and topped with cilantro lime pesto sauce” (the sound of gears gnashing and failing to mesh!) It sounded either Spanish or Italian, but not very Irish. We wisely decided to have it anyway.

    My wife didn’t tell you, but she loves the Irish mashed potatoes. What could be more Irish than mashed potatoes! She asked, particularly, about how they were prepared and wanted to make triply sure that they were hand made, on the premises, and not dehydrated potatoes which she deplores. They were very busy, and had used all of the mashed potatoes… Woe is her. So, she grudgingly chose baked potato. The waitress (server?) gave her gobs of butter, which instantly warmed the cockles of my wife’s butter hardened heart. I’m supposed to be avoiding butter, so I parled my butter into her sour cream. (she would rather have butter than sour cream, and I had enough butter to entice a trade)

    The next table to be seated was told that they were out of deep-fries and baked potato, but the chef had just whipped up a brand new batch of MASHED POTATOES!

    Needles to say our dinner was delicious and our server was delightful. I highly recommend Gallagher’s.

  3. “Perfect Tear”?

    Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

  4. I’m still wondering how you get loins from a fish. I’ve filleted a lot of fish in my day, talked with hundreds of fisherman and never once heard anyone refer to any part of a fish as a loin.

    Then again that was a long time ago, so maybe the terminology has changed since then. :O

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