2010: A year in pictures

I am late, but who cares.  My only crime is that I do not live to blog.  Revoke my membership if you must.


My handle adorned with that ugly beauty that is the old school Buc’s logo.
In case we were on TV while at the A’s game on a Monday Night.
My only brush with orginal art. May be my last.
The Cherry on Top of a great birthday. Thanks to those who made it possible.
Coming to a Super Bowl Party this season. Bacon makes everything better.
Our beloved Pops proving he is a Reubenologist.
Who knew sage advise was posted on a city bus?
Just ring the dinner bell for pedophiles why don’t you!
Great corner grab on the front page of this paper! My Bucs traveled to the West Coast to whip some Niner ass!
The hands down best of the “Porn is where you find it” was pulled from a bag of donut holes I bought last year.
My brother started his own blog last year. It is an amazing collection of various items worth a look. His link is in my blogroll.
The pigeons of Old Town loafing it one afternoon. Good for them!
Is the city of Eureka having revenue difficulties? What could be some of the causes?

From the upper deck of AT&T Park. Love the skyline.

From the sea, valley boys boasting about their menu.

Somewhere in Oakland somebody is wondering who the hell I am.


Here’s to 2011 being here.


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