Because you have been waiting with bated breath, here are the next Blog Rankings.

In the months that proceeded the initial blog rankings I suddenly found myself very busy.  This blog is not my 1st passion, but I enjoy this stuff none the less.  Anyway, the Second Annual Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament is fast approaching, and I am very busy trying to find 64 or 65 local blogs to make a tournament field.  I am worried that enough blogs have ceased to exist- or are simply dormant- that our tournament will be smaller this year.

Anyway, these rankings will go a long way in seeding the match-ups of the Tournament draw.  These rankings will change as we close in on March.  I will try my hardest to update the top 25 at least three more times before the tournament field is set.

As you will see, some blogs have moved up, and others fell out of the Top 25.  Can they make it back?

Previous ranking in parentheses ( )

1. The Humboldt Herald (1)

Read the threads.  Visitors either like the Herald, or hate it.  Great stuff around the local elections, the provocation is still in fine form.  The consensus (minus the Las Vegas Odds makers) pick to win it all.

2. SoHum Parlance (2 )

Our defending champion continues to provide readers with a good mix of local and national information.  Eric does a wonderful job of fostering discussions in the threads.  Back to back titles are a real possibility.

3. WatchPaul (5)

The Bad news:  The guy she dislikes won re-election.  Good news: Rose will keep up her plight on her blog (we hope).  Like her or not, Rose has some things to say.  If she gets on a roll in the tournament, then look the hell out.

4. The Humboldt Mirror (6)

Dismiss these bugs as sophomoric?  Hardly!  They have a very loyal fan base.  Las Vegas wise guys have the Bugs as the favorites to win it all this year.

5. The Redheaded Blackbelt (3)

Kym continues to be a wonderful source for Southern Humboldt Culture, and Marijuana issues facing the region.  This Final Four Blog from last year is a solid pick to win it this year.

6. NCJ Blogthing (7)

Hank and crew are heating up as March approaches.  These journalists will be a tough out this year.  They are on many experts’ lists to make the Final Four.

7. Samoa Softball (11)

Richard cracks the Top Ten and is a Dark Horse blog that can crash the dance and end some power blogs’ dreams of winning it all.  Good election stuff, and he offers his takes on local athletics.

8. Fred’s Humboldt Blog (14)

The Granddaddy of all local Blogs makes his first appearance in the Top 10.  Look for Fred to show up strong for this year’s tournament.  Fred often posts about issues that go under the radar in our area.

9. Ernie’s Place (10)

Our Tournament Runner-up from a year ago is a local favorite.  Can Ernie take the last step and win it all?

10. Lynette’s Norcal History Blog (8)

This blog is a great place to see some fascinating pictures from Humboldt County’s past.  Lynette can be a giant killer in this years tournament.

the rest…

11. Tom Sebourn Blog (15)

12. Mckinleyville Press Blog (NR)

13. Radio Radio Radio…(12)

14. Chocolate Covered Xanax(13)

15. The Petch House(16)

16. Redneck Romance Writer(NR)

17. Carol and Greg’s Place(17)

18. Beachcomber’s Blog(18)

19. The Sunny Side(19)

20. early morning fog, partial clearing(21)

21. Addicted to Veggies (22)

22. Seven-o-Heaven(NR)

23. Humboldt Against Hate(NR)

24. The Reporta(4)

25. The Plazoid(20)

Others receiving votes:

Rambling Jack

On the road again

Capdiamont’s Weblog



Notes: Blog activity, and location changes play a major role in these rankings.  However, rest assured that in a tournament field of 64 blogs, being ranked near or in the top 25 will assure you a spot in the tournament.  These rankings will change, so do not fret a lower ranking right now.   Right now, I see seven or eight blogs that can win it all.  This years tournament will be very competitive.


8 thoughts on “Because you have been waiting with bated breath, here are the next Blog Rankings.

  1. Last year’s stinging upset at the hands of Ernie — the Blogthing has swallowed all that pain, has OWNED it and is moving into the tourney with a nearly fathomless hunger for victory.

    Like a butterfly we float, like a bee we sting. Blogthing!

  2. Kym, these are just the top 25. When the tournament match-ups are set, all of the blogs you mention will be there.

    And I agree, the Mattole History blog is outstanding.

  3. I’m just here to say…it’s bated breath…not baited breath. Unless you’re saying we all smell like old shrimp. Please get over here and take a turn on the Bad Grammar Spanking Bench.



  4. When I came in 15th last year, I knew I would have to step things up. I have done that and my new standing reflects that. I really want to break into the top 10 this year but I can’t think of anyone I would like to unseat but the Humboldt Mirror. Just about every time I go in there, I get thrown out the front window. I could be worse, at least they don’t send me a bill for the glass.

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