The new rankings are here!

As promised, a new rankings list is ready.  I have some good news.  It looks like we will have 64 blogs for the tournament next month!  I am very excited.  If anything, it will be a show case for all local blogs.  So be on the look out for the revealing of the 64 blog tournament early next month…

Previous ranking in parenthesis ( )

1. SoHum Parlance (2)

The defending champion is on top this week.  Let us see how he does as the leader of the pack.  Eric continues to blend local and national items so well.

2. The Humboldt Herald (1)

Blame the Gremlins!  Still the pretty pick for a championship this March.

3. The Humboldt Mirror (4)

Consistent, and very dangerous.  A post Championship celebration with Pabst Blue Ribbon a strong possibility.

4. NCJ Blogthing (6)

Recent changes have made the NCJ a hot topic.  This crew is ready to mix it up in the tournament.  Very dangerous indeed.

5. WatchPaul (3)

No worries here.  Rose is still going strong.  Few blogs want a piece of her.

6. Redheaded Blackbelt (5)

Despite slipping in the rankings, Kym will be prepared for tournament time.

7. Samoa Softball (7)

Can Richard be tossed in with the elite?  Not so fast, but he can prove himself in the tournament.

8. Fred’s Humboldt Blog (8)

Is Fred ready to erase the memories of a second round exit from last year’s tournament?

9. Tom Seaborn’s Blog (11)

Tom breaks into the Top Ten, and is he ready to improve upon his performance from a year ago?

10. Ernie’s Place (9)

Ernie is right where he wants to be.  Under the radar, and and nobody talking about his chances.  He will make his name in the tournament just like last year.

the rest…

11. Mckinleyville Press (12)

12. Lynette’s Norcal History Blog (10)

13. Chocolate Covered Xanax (14)

14. Radio Radio Radio (13)

15. The Petch House (15)

16. Redneck Romance Writer (16)

17. Beachcomber’s Blog (18)

18. Carol and Greg (17)

19. early morning fog, partial clearing (19)

20 Addicted to Veggies (21)

21. Seven-O-Heaven (22)

22. The Sunny Side (19)

23. Humboldt Against Hate (23)

24. The Plazoid (25)

25. Rambling Jack’s Laboratory (NR)


7 thoughts on “The new rankings are here!

  1. If it is true that Hank Sims is leaving the North Coast Journal, that will a MAJOR blow to the NCJ Blogthing’s chances to with the Blogger’s Tournament.

    This is a truly Seismic shake up right before the tournament.

  2. Since you didn’t respond to my Twitter, I’ll post it here:
    JoeBlowReport – Joe Blow

    I guess Joe Blow is still a nobody? RT @Tapperass: Woo-Hoo! Just nailed down 64 blogs for the 2nd Annual Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament.

    How does this “nail-down” work?

  3. I do not follow you on Twitter. I actually found 64 local blogs, yours included, for the tournament.

    You are just not in the top 25 right now.

    Sorry. That is how it goes.

  4. It doesn’t matter whether or not you follow me, the RT should have appeared on your Twitter Homepage. No matter, still trying to figure out how Twitter works.

    I asked how the “nail-down” works. You got some list people vote on or some other way of ranking sites? Just curious. Since my primary purpose for existence is NOT about making friends and influencing people I guess I’m lucky to get an honorable mention. Probably says more about the local blog visitor than anything else.

    Some reason why you don’t follow me on Twitter? Not even in a list?

  5. Will work on the Twitter Joe.

    “Nailing down” was just my term I used to describe trying and find 64 local blogs that are active.

    The rankings are not a big deal. I was asking for votes, but few people actually sent in their list of top 25 Blogs.

    When the tournament field is set, the rankings will not be a huge deal. How often you post on your blog (blog activity) will be a bigger factor in how high you are seeded.

    This is more for fun. I promise I am not trying to humiliate any bloggers. I hope it is a show case for all of the local blogs here in Humboldt.

  6. Hey! It is a good idea – maybe even great! I try to support all local blog websites as I find them, listing everyone on my blogs. I’m always looking for new blogs. I make it a practice to visit all the listed blogs periodically. Those that I don’t follow on a regular basis, that is. Everyone deserves a chance to been read. I get lots of readers and visitors, but few make comments. Lot of readers from out of the area.

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