Costco Trip #02042011

Wow!  A desk top machine with periodic mood swings.  Very Chic indeed.

Re-gifting and second thoughts are in vogue this year.

The marketing folks behind some great tasting hooch decided to take a stab at wardrobe storage accessories.

Sounds like they are being honest about some plaque being left behind.

I know it is blurry, but it is a wok.

…and you thought woks came from Asia.

Bosom-obsessed scientists will try anything to fight the effects of age and gravity.

Yes, you are supposed to place your kid in that thing.  Lawsuits I hear thy names being called.

In case you had any doubt whatsoever about the size of this pillow.

The Chardonnay from the Sugar Breeches Vineyards was sadly sold out tonight.

Despite the ashy aftertaste, this stuff is pretty darn good.



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