A tiny reminder of how women think a little bit different than men.

I had the honor of dropping some tunes at a dance last night.  I am getting better at it.  I think.  However, I always remember to thank the crowd for putting up with me for a couple of hours.  It is always a little easier to do these dances with the help of our beloved Kristabel and the incomparable Bumble Bee.  I even dedicated a song to those two awesome Godess-types from us mortals.

Anyway, near the end of the dance, a lady we all know made an appearance at the hall.  A lady not known for getting out to these types of events much.  I was doing double take after double take because I was afraid I was hallucinating this entire thing.  I stopped short of walking over there and placing my hand on her to make sure she was real.  I just went on with my music duties.  However, I began to worry that maybe her being there was a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

Eventually I walked into a back room where Kristabel was, and I told her about the unbelievable appearance of this lady we both know.  Now Kristabel gave a me a slight pause before she answered me.  I thought she was just as surprised as I was.  In fact, she was not thinking about the surprise of seeing this lady at this dance.  Oh no, K-bel was thinking about something that men just don’t bother to notice.

“Did you see the Blazer she is wearing?  It has shoulder pads.”  Kristabel finally tells me as we stood there, “she looks like she has not been out of her house since the 80’s.”

Well. I was still surprised she was at this dance.

This got me thinking about how much more forgiving men are with each other when it comes to fashion.  I mean, if Pops shows up to the bar in acid washed jeans, I doubt Mr. Pat or myself would mutter one word.  Now if JJ were to pop in wearing bell bottoms, then there may have been a line crossed.   In my experience men will only call out other men if clothes are fitting too tight, or footwear debacles.  Anything else, men tend to be mild.  At least in my world.

Later on after the dance, Bumble Bee was helping me haul stuff back to the office after we were done.  As I unloaded a bin from the back of her vehicle, I mentioned how completely surprised I was to see that lady we know at the dance that night.  There was no hesitation with Bee.

“Yes.  Oh my God, did you see what she was wearing?  She looked like an 80’s schoolmarm.”

I laughed and told Bee that she said almost the same thing Kristabel said.  The fact that they are Wonder Twins aside, that they both zeroed in on this lady’s wardrobe (malfunction if you ask them) makes me realize that women and men often use different parts of the brain.

Bumble Bee and Kristabel have made an incalculable impact on my life.  The insight they offer me makes my life better.  I am honored to have them as my friends!

My apologies to Schoolmarms everywhere!


6 thoughts on “A tiny reminder of how women think a little bit different than men.

  1. Well my sweet Tapps….I almost don’t know what to say. First of all, you are a rockin’ dj. Beatles, Michael Jackson, Scissor Sisters, a tribute to Patrick Swayze… all in one dance….fabulous.

    As for the blazer, since the dance was themed Dirty Dancing, I just thought maybe she was trying to go along with the theme. I mean, I know the movie was set in the ’50s, but it was made in the 80’s and probably a lot of women went to the theater to watch it wearing shoulder pads, right? I know I’ve got a few shoulder pad stories to tell. (Don’t worry…I won’t tell them here.)

    We’re lucky to have you too! You have enlightened me about a number of topics, and I always appreciate a man who appreciates his turn at the Fat Girl Spanking Booth.

    Just remember: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

  2. My mother wore shoulder pads. She couldn’t give me an explanation as to why though. The closest cultural reference I had was the Bajorans on Deep Space Nine, and even at that time, I thought their shoulders looked weird.

    Come to think of it, my mother later bought a Bajoran funky earring necklace-thingie at a craft fair.

  3. I have stopped giggling long enough to finally post. A wonderful dance Sally and thank you for making me giggle with glee at all times.

    I had the time of my life baby!

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