The New(er) Rankings are now available

OK tournament fans (all two of you!) we are getting so much closer to the day we release the 65 Blog Tournament Field.  Why yes, I have found 65 local blogs to participate.  There will be a play in game, and the winner of that match up will face one of the #1 seeds in the Opening Round of the tournament.  A major shake up in the rankings happened when a power house blog lost a key player.  That creates an opportunity for an up and comer to score a high seed and make things interesting.

Like I say every time I post these rankings:  these are only the top 25 blogs.  65 blogs will make the tournament.  As with any tournament, a top 25 blog can fall to its underdog opponent.

Previous Ranking in Parenthesis ( )

1. SoHum Parlance (1)

Our defending champ stays the course this week.  However, there is some jostling in the rankings below.  Will Eric’s mojo run out before the Final Four?  Stay tuned!

2. The Humboldt Herald (2)

A makeover right before the Tournament?  Could this spell doom for the consensus favorite?  Perhaps the chip on the Herald’s shoulder will put them over the top this year.

3. The Humboldt Mirror (3)

These Bugs are for real.  They are keeping pace with the other big fish in the pond.  Vegas still likes them to take it all.  Why bet against them?

4. WatchPaul (5)

Worry about Rose?  If you are one of the blogs she is looking up at in the rankings, you should be.  She wants that #1 seed very badly.

5. Redheaded Balckbelt (6)

More people jumping on Kym’s bandwagon everyday.  Can she make a run like she did last year?  The odds are good.

6. Samoa Softball (7)

Will injuries set Richard back?  If he can get healthy by tournament time, he can be an elite blog.  The experts are warming up to this guy.

7. Fred’s Humboldt Blog (8)

Grumpy?  Maybe a little.  However, Fred is looking good right now.  He can make a huge statement this March.

8. Tom Seaborn Blog (9)

Tom is right where he wants to be.  Top ten and looking for high seed.

9. Ernie’s Place (8)

Ernie is still Top Ten, but other blogs are on the rise.  Can the man hold off the charging new comers?

10. Mckinleyville Press (11)

Picking up steam at just the right time.  This blog could be a spoiler.

11. NCJ Blogthing (4)

12. Lynette’s NorCal History Blog (12)

13. Chocolate Covered Xanax (13)

14. Radio Radio Radio (14)

15. Redneck Romance Writer (16)

16. Addicted to Veggies (20)

17. The Joe Blow Report (NR)

18. early morning fog, partial clearing (19)

19. Beachcombers Blog (17)

20. The Petch House (15)

21. Rambling Jack’s Laboratory (25)

22. Seven-o-Heaven (21)

23. The Sunny Side (22)

24. Carol and Greg (18)

25. The Plazoid (24)


15 thoughts on “The New(er) Rankings are now available

  1. Dude, the Humboldt Herald is responsive to the people. There was a call for a new header and a new header was born. The redesign process included reader suggestions — nay — demands. I challenge you to find another blogger who would take such pains to give the people what they want.

    And, Tapperass, when Eric Kirk goes on vacation, who do you think maintains his blog?

    The Herald is #1!

  2. All I need is one big scoop and I’ll pull into third place, I just know it. Now what do I hope for? a fire? the feds? a diesel spill? A picture of one of the judges carving his name into a table?

  3. Sorry K-bel, the rankings committee are a bunch of Prudes and Tops.

    Well hell….then I’m done for. Uncle. Alright, I’m off to go buy some batteries. Zzzzzzzz.


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