A little tournament preview.

So what’s on the radar for this spring in the local blogsphere?

I am about to leave on a 10 day vacation.  I am leaving my tech at home.  I want to unplug and enjoy a more organic time off.  So, I need to get the table set for the Second Annual Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament.  Before I leave town, I will update the Blog Rankings.  My hope is that by March 1st, I will have the tournament field set, and those of you bloggers will be able to see who you are matched up against.

There will be four Regions with 16 blogs each.  Each Region will have  #1 seed, and those #1 seeds will be announced right before the field is revealed.  The names of the four regions are as follows:

Prairie Creek State Park

Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary

Headwater’s Forest Reserve

Richardson Grove State Park

Now there is some intrigue as the tournament draws near.  Here a couple of story lines…

Planet Tapperass ruled ineligible for the tournament.

Despite an appeal to the committee, Tapperass was ruled out of the tournament for undisclosed violations.  It was a shock to friends and fans as he was looking to improve on his first round exit from a year ago.

The NCJ Blogthing

A tumble in the rankings has the experts wondering if the loss of a key player will spell doom for a front runner.   The Blogthing can still rally, and do quite well.  However, will they still have enough to compete with the big boys/girls?

The up and comers

The story all winter long a has been the top 5 blogs.  All the while some other blogs have started to move up the rankings, or simply have fine tuned their games.  The result is blogs like the Mckinleyville Press morphing into a solid contender this March.  Oh, and the ladies of Chocolate Covered Xanax are using posts about sex toys and procreating in public restrooms to send a message to their competition:  Look the hell out!

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “A little tournament preview.

  1. Dave, calm the hell down. I would take caution with this elitist bs. This tournamnet will showcase the blogs of Humboldt. The tournament will have 65, yes 65 blogs.

    Last time I checked, yours is there. The committee frowns upon snarky comments directed at them. I was disqualified from the tournament, and you can be too.

    Just because your blog is not in the Top 25 does not mean you are not in the tournament.

    Please take your box of tissues with you as you exit.

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