A very special thank you to my Brother !!!

I always enjoy staying with my brother Steve.  I learn so much just from being around him.  The topics he talks about are numerous.  No wonder he kills at trivia.

However, it was Steve’s interest in music that first got my attention when I was a kid.  He knows so much about the history of recorded music, it baffles the mind.  Even though he has moved into other areas of knowledge, it is his chops in music that impress me the most.

So now we get to Patches.  “Patches” is a song that was recorded by Clarence Carter back in 1970.  I may have heard this song before, but I can’t recall.   One night while I was in the office with him he started playing this song.  He was browsing on his computer, and I was working away on my lap top.  After a minute, I began to listen to the lyrics of this song, and I had to double take.  It was a sad and depressing.  The story in the song just keeps getting sadder, and worse with each verse.

Now I know country songs are often made fun of for having such a format, but this song was bad.

I finally said something to my brother, and he laughed at my observation.  He then told me the story of the song, and of course he proceeded to play three more songs that were less than uplifting.

This is why I love my brother, and I never go away from our visits without learning many new things.

Thanks Steve (and you too Ruth!!!) for being incredible hosts while I was visiting.  I promise it will not be so long until I return.


4 thoughts on “A very special thank you to my Brother !!!

  1. Thanks for bringing back old memories. I grew up hearing this song performed by Jerry Reed. Never knew who the original artist was and was delighted to hear Clarence Carter sing.

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