The Newest Blog Rankings are here…

People must know it is tournament time, because the competition is ramped up.  Some blogs are playing their way into higher seeds, while others are fading.  The Shuffle among the top three reveals that things will get very interesting as we go down the stretch, and that there is no clear favorite this year.

Next week the tournament field will be revealed.  65 local blogs will be featured, and it will be an excellent opportunity to discover some other local blogs you may not have heard of.  Remember this is all in good fun.

Oh:  Just because your blog is not in the top 25 does not mean your blog will not be in the tournament!

Previous Ranking in Parenthesis ( )

1.  The Humboldt Herald (2)

Perhaps King for the week.  Provocation has been a success; for Herlado has inspired a header contest and a new blog devoted to the Herald’s alleged censorship of reader comments.  Bravo!!!

2.  The Humboldt Mirror (3)

Suddenly these bugs are gang busters.  These guys are not just happy with being near the top, and they may end up as the overall Number 1 seed in this year’s tournament.  I will keep the Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice.  Vegas still likes them!

3.  SoHum Parlance (1)

Eric may be saving himself for the tournament.  No matter what the case is, SoHum Parlance clearly has a tough road ahead if it wants to repeat as Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Champion.

4.  WatchPaul (4)

Rose holds court here at four.  The Big Boys above her may end up seeing her in the Final Four, but suddenly Rose’s road to the title gets a bit tougher as more blogs come roaring up the rankings.

5.  Redheaded Blackbelt (5)

Kym is in the same boat as Rose.  She holds course, but her challengers may end up being in a stronger place than last year.  Her chances of getting back to the Final Four look much longer than they did a month ago.

6.  Mckinleyville  Press (10)

Here they come!  Their recent Dandy addition has suddenly sent their stock rising through the roof.  There is now serious talk about a #1 seed for these guys.  Vegas Wise Guys are starting to like this blog… a lot!

7. Chocolate Covered Xanax (13)

You have flesh eating spiders, and a year dedicated to a Sex Toy.  Did we mention making babies in a public restroom?  The one blog in the top 7 that does not talk politics, news, nor cannabis.  Do not sleep on these ladies, they have a spanking bench (with a leather top).

8. Somoa Softball (6)

No lack of motivation here, but can Richard be ready to face some tough blogs?  Getting to round of 16 has suddenly become a question for this blog.

9. Fred’s Humboldt Blog (7)

Is Fred in a slump?  It could spell early exit from the Tournament for Fred.

10. Tom Seaborn Blog (8)

Tom is still in a great place.  He appears to have the chops to make a Dark Horse run to the Final Four run this year.  No matter what region he is placed in, he will be a tough out.

and the rest…

11. Ernie’s Place (9)

12. Lynette’s NorCal History Blog (12)

13. Addicted to Veggies (16)

14. Radio Radio Radio (14)

15. Joe Blow Report (17)

16.  Redneck Romance Writer (15)

17. NCJ Blogthing (11)

18.  Carol and Greg (24)

19.  early morning fog, partial clearing (18)

20.  Beachcomber’s Blog (19)

21.  Rambling Jack’s Laboratory (21)

22.  The Sunny Side (23)

23.  The Petch House (20)

24.  As it Stands (NR)

25. Seven-o-Heaven (22)


5 thoughts on “The Newest Blog Rankings are here…

  1. What’s more important, content, visitor contribution, or simply the shear number of visitor page views?

  2. Woo hoooo! Number 7 without even mentioning assless chaps. Although a friend let me know the other day that there’s really no reason to use the phrase assless chaps because chaps, by their very nature, are already assless, thereby making the assless part unnecessary and redundant.

    And that’s why I’m moving up. My total focus on the most important issues in life.

    Welcome back, Sally. I missed you.


  3. P.S. I’m glad Dave’s hissy fit moved him into the top 25. It gives a fellow hissy fitter like myself even more hope. I huff and flounce as well. Can you do that Dave?

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