Costco Trip #030311

Not for the Colorblind Chef!!!

A faucet that will not knock your kitchenware up!

So, I wonder how many light bulbs I will have to buy?

It is so nice that the Earth finally getting a choice!

… because the Earth sometimes wants take out too.

Named after a Super Hero cat?

The more of this you drink, the easier it is to understand the equation on the label.

I must admit, the chicken wire covering the bottle threw me a little.

So classic!  Put the exercise equipment right next to the bread and pastries.

Si tu eres un boracho, entonces esta cervaza es moy familiar.

Well, we don’t have to sell only tires!

Who needs to come up with a snappy name for this product anyway.  It’s not like dogs can read.

These pet parents they asked must not have included a single Latino parent.

… and speaking of “pet parents”… would you let your four legged “kid” chew on something that looks like it came out of some Playdough Fun Factory?

Just what the world needs more of… dancing dogs.

Just in time for that 80’s Pizza Party you have been waiting to throw!


11 thoughts on “Costco Trip #030311

  1. I’ll give it a try with my “Dime Store Spanish”. 🙂

    “If you are a drunk, then this beer is very familiar.”

    Hmm, I only had to look up one word online and only used Babelfish at the end to confirm my hunces. Senor Tapperass, I do believe I should noe be upgraded to 25 cent store Spanish. Especially since you spelled a few words wrong. Culero. 😀

  2. Lo mucho siento, amigo. Diez y ocho piedra mujeres necessitas muchas ayuda. 😉

    Dulce y simpatico – NUNCA!!!! 😛 😀 😛

  3. Uh Italiano dear……huh? In English please?
    The much ??? friend. 18 ???????? necessary more help

    Sweet and friendly – ????

  4. I knew you were impressed with my talents Tap. Now…how close am I to what he actually said? Please feel free to fill in the blanks.

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