The Final Blog Rankings! Oh boy, it must be tournament time…

Please note: Just because your blog is not in this Top 25 does not mean that your blog will not be in the Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament!

OK, I have a lot to get to, so read the following very carefully:

This year, the Tournament will feature 68 blogs.  That is right, and you can thank the National College Athletic Association for that (the NCAA’s model for their college basketball national championship is what I am using).  So there will be three (3) play in matches early next week.  The three winners will then join the rest of the field of 64 Blogs.  There are over 75 blogs that are eligible for the Tournament, however, blogs that have been inactive for an extended period of time will be the first to be eliminated from consideration for the overall field of 68.

I will seat the tournament this weekend, so by Monday everybody can see all of the match-ups.  Remember, this is all for fun, and I am doing this to showcase many of the local blogs.  Just in the past month, four new blogs have started up that I know of, so it seems my fear of dwindling blog numbers was greatly over exaggerated.

… and on a personal note, the findings from the Blogger’s Tournament Committee were released today regarding the disqualification of this Blog from the Tournament.  It was discovered that the Blogger behind Planet Tapperass received improper benefits when he took cash gifts from WordPress for leaving Blogspot a couple or years ago.  This Blog’s eligibility will be reinstated next year.

Now, how about those rankings!

This year the competition has been turned up to 11!  The usual suspects that have held the top five spots for most of the year have suddenly found some party crashers drinking at their table.  This year’s tournament is wide open, as the defending champion has been struggling down the stretch.  The blog that was supposed to win it all last year is standing strong and poised.  However, it is the Bugs who suddenly look like they have the inside track to championship glory whether you like them or not.  I see any one of ten Blogs that can win this thing.  Will it be a Softball Guy, Radio Guy, Cake Goddess, DA Watchdog, or maybe even the girl who has a thing for veggies?

This is going to be lots of fun Blog fans!  So stay tuned…

Previous Rankings in Parenthesis (  )

1. Humboldt Herald (1)

Yes, we have all seen this one year ago.  Lots of expectations and confidence to boot.  All of it crushed to dust by the heel of a Redheaded Blackbelt from Southern Humboldt.  The Herald would very much not like history to repeat itself this year.

2. The Humboldt Mirror (2)

The only thing keeping these Bugs from the top spot is the lack of a reader/comment maker who’s sole purpose is to refute what they post.  Aside from that, these bugs are pretty much being penciled into the Final Four.  Good luck beating these bugs.

3. Mckinleville Press (6)

What’s Hotter than Xanax?  Mckinleyville Press is!  These peeps have played themselves into a Top Seed in the tournament.   To go from relative obscurity to third in the rankings means the other blogs should step their game up.

4. Chocolate Covered Xanax (7)

Talk about getting ‘Smokin’ Hot’ at the absolute right time!  Kristabel has stuck her paddle up the proverbial behind of the “established” top blogs.  Will she get Tournament Jitters?  Well, not if she has plenty of Limoncello on hand.  I can see a Tournament Winning Celebration of Two Buck Chuck and chocolate candies shaped like little wee-wee’s!

5. SoHum Parlance (3)

Re-posting stuff from the Humboldt Herald?  Eric continues to slide as the Tournament gets closer.  The match-ups have not even been set, and our defending champion may already be on the ropes.  He will need a favorable draw in the tourney in order to build some momentum going forward.

6. WatchPaul (4)

For a time, Rose’s was the blog nobody would want to see in the tournament. However, like Kym, suddenly Rose looks mortal, and this tournament may write an ending nobody would have expected for this Blog a few months back.

7. Redheaded Blackbelt (5)

Suddenly out of the Top 5, can Kym dust herself off and make a statement in the tournament?  She may find herself exiting early this year if her team is not focused on the prize.

8. Tom Sebourn Blog (10)

Tom is under the radar, and will sneak up and punch a top blog in the face sometime in the next couple of weeks.  He is still labeled a Giant Killer.

9. Samoa Softball (8)

Last Year’s run to the Elite Eight was supposed to be a sign of better things to come.  Richard is not short on motivation, however he, like the other elite eight blogs from a year ago, face a much more competitive field this year.  Hey, maybe being an underdog will give Richard the edge he needs.

10. Lynette’s NorCal History Blog (12)

Lynette is going to earn a higher seed in this year’s tournament.  She is a favorite to reach the Sweet Sixteen!  Her pictures are incredible, and she is an incredible online custodian of our area’s history!

and the rest…

11. Addicted to Veggies (13)

12. Ernie’s Place (11)

13. Fred’s Humboldt Blog (9)

14. Joe Blow Report (15)

15. Redneck Romance Writer (16)

16. Radio Radio Radio (14)

17. Carol and Greg (18)

18. early morning fog, partial clearing (19)

19. NCJ Blogthing (17)

20. Beachcomber’s Blog (20)

21. Rambling Jack’s Laboratory (21)

22. The Sunny Side (23)

23. As it Stands (24)

24. The Petch House (23)

25. Thingamababy (NR)


3 thoughts on “The Final Blog Rankings! Oh boy, it must be tournament time…

  1. You know..I was in a certain store in San Francisco and almost picked up a little something for the committee. After all, nothing says top contender like the gifting of candy penis necklaces. But alas, I spent my money on something a little more….oh….personal. It was Saturday night after all. I think I might’ve made the wrong decision.

  2. Seems to me that both Kym K. and the Mack Press cleaned the competition’s clock in the first round today.

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