The 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament has arrived!

The Committee worked through the night despite the occasional brawl, and the tournament field is just about set.  The excitement is building because after the first year jitters we have a better format for the tourney this time around.

The entire field will be announced tomorrow.  Today I am revealing the four Blogs who have been rewarded with a top seed, and the region which they have been placed in.   I am also announcing the four “Play-in” matches that will determine the last four blogs to make the field of 64.

In the Headwaters Region the Humboldt Herald will be the #1 seed.  Congratulations to Heraldo and crew.

In the Arcata Marsh Region, the Humboldt Mirror will be the #1 seed.  Congratulations to the Bugs.

In the Prairie Creek Region, the McKinleyville Press will be the #1 seed.  Nice job down the stretch!

Last, but certainly not least, in the Richardson Grove Region, Chocolate Covered Xanax will be the #1 seed.  Nicely done K-Bel!

Now we get to the Play-in matches.  These eight blogs will be matched up with a spot in the final field of 64 at stake.

Grown Up Mom vs. Digging up Humboldt

High Like me vs. Trinidad Skatepark Alliance

Adventures of the Klamath Librarian vs. Moderated by Herlado

Green Wheels vs Myrtletown

The reward for the winners of each of these match-ups is a date with a Number 1 seed.  Maybe there is a Giant Killer among these 8!

Again, congratulations to the Number 1 seeds, and check back tomorrow for the rest of the field!!!!


2 thoughts on “The 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament has arrived!

  1. Redheaded Blackbelt should have taken the #1 seed in SoHum

    Let’s hope for a Herald-Mirror showdown, loser has to expose their identity

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