The 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament!!! The Field is set.

The field is set for the 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament.  There will be Play-in Matches this week before the Tournament starts at the end of the week.  So here I will announce the match ups in the first round.

Please note that the smaller number by a blog means a HIGHER ranking.  I wish the best of luck to all of those Blogs who made the tournament!

The Headwaters Region

1. Humboldt Herald vs. 16. High Like Me/ Trinidad Skatepark Alliance

8. Bumble Bee Nation vs. 9. Seven-o-Heaven

5.  Radio Radio Radio vs. 12. Continental Shelf

4. early morning fog, partial clearing vs. 13. Bay of Rezanov

3. Joe Blow Report vs.  14. Steve Lewis Blog

6. As it Stands vs.  11. Always a Vixen, mostly a Vegan

7. Klamblog vs. 10. Under the Cork Tree

2. Samoa Softball vs. 15. Small Town Girl

Richardson Grove Region

1. Chocolate Covered Xanax vs.  16. Grown up Mom/ Digging up Humboldt

8. Dirt vs. 9. The Petch House

5. The Sunny Side vs. 12. Lost Coast Daily Painters

4. Fred’s Humboldt Blog vs. 13. West of the Redwoods

3. Tom Sebourn Blog vs. 14. Siskiyou Land Conservancy

6. Talking Tech vs. 11. Rambling Jack’s Laboratory

7. Carol and Greg’s Place vs. 10. Forest Defender

2. Redheaded Blackbelt vs. 15. Arcata Elder Village

Prairie Creek Region

1. McKinleyville Press Blog vs. 16. Klamath Librarian/ Moderated by Heraldo

8. The Plazoid vs. 9. MovieDad

5. Beachcomber’s Blog vs. 12 Textwrap

4. Ernie’s Place vs. 13. The Bitten Apple

3. Lynette’s Norcal History Blog vs. 14. Headwrapping School

6. Bohemian Mermaid Palace vs. 11. The Noble Lie

7. Brenda Lou’s Blog vs. 10. Humboldt Against Hate

2. SoHum Parlance vs. 15. One Good Year

Arcata Marsh Region

1. The Humboldt Mirror vs. 16. Green Wheels / Myrtletown

8. Capdiamont’s Weblog vs. 9. Fortuna Citizen

5. North Coast Journal Blogthing vs. 12. In Retaliation

4. Redneck Romance Writer vs. 13. Respect and Patience

3. Addicted to Veggies vs. 14. On the Road again

6. The Ranch at Salmon Creek vs. 11. Dreaming Up Daily

7. Thingamababy vs. 10 Highboltage

2. WatchPaul vs. 15. Kushboldt

So let the discussion begin.  People who are arguing that Readheaded Blackbelt deserved a Number 1 seed should note that it came down to a coin toss (literally) with Chocolate Covered Xanax.  As a result, those two blogs are placed in the same Region.  They will have to face each other to get the Final Four.

Any other arguments?  I look forward to the comments…

UPDATE: Please feel free to list any blogs that the Committee may have overlooked.  I will offer up the first:  Surfrider Humboldt


7 thoughts on “The 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament!!! The Field is set.

  1. I’m sure the Arcata Elder Village blog is very worthy but, since they haven’t made a post since September, if they win this round, I will be sure that the elders are not above a certain amount of bribery.

    Not that I’m like paying attention or will get my feelings hurt or will post that picture of Sally carving in a public picnic table if I don’t win. Really, I won’t. … Really.

  2. My only hope is that somewhere within the realm of giving a shit, there’s something within the realm of giving a shit. I’d like to think humboldt’s blogified “politics” are helping where this county’s headed…not just fanning flames.

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