2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: First day Opening Round Results

It was an exciting first day of the tournament, and their were some upsets.  A few of the higher seeded blogs were sent packing today.  If  you are a fan of the underdog than today was a good day for you.

Most of the action took place in the Prairie Creek Region today, so we will start there.  The top seed Mckinleyville Press Blog advanced to round two.  Most of the other high seeds made it through, except for the #6 Bohemian Mermaid, who fell to #11 The Noble Lie.

Prairie Creek Region First Round Results

#1 Mckinleyville Press Blog defeats #16 Adventures of a Klamath Librarian

#8 The Plazoid defeats #9 Moviedad

#5 Beachcomber’s Blog defeats #12 Textwrap

#4 Ernie’s Place defeats #13 The Bitten Apple

#3 Lynette’s NorCal History Blog defeats #14 Headwrapping School

#11 The Noble Lie defeats #6 Bohemian Mermaid Palace

#7 Brenda Lou’s Blog defeats #10 Humboldt against Hate

#2 SohHum Parlance defeats #15 One good Year

Second Round Match-ups (Saturday)

#1 Mckinleyville Press Blog vs. #8 The Plazoid

#4 Ernie’s Place vs. #5 Beachcomber’s Blog

#3 Lynette’s NorCal History Blog vs. #11 The Noble Lie

#2 SoHum Parlance vs. #7 Brenda Lou’s Blog

The Richardson Grove Region Results

Not much drama here as half the bracket played out today.  The higher seeds prevailed.  The top seed of the region, Chocolate Covered Xanax, will have its match up tomorrow.

#2 Redheaded Blackbelt defeats #15 Arcata Elder Village

#7 Carol and Greg defeats #10 Forest Defender

#6 Talking Tech defeats #11 Rambling Jack’s Laboratory

#3 Tom Sebourn Blog defeats #14 Siskiyou Land Conservancy

Second round Match-ups (Saturday)

#2 Redheaded Blackbelt vs. #7 Carol and Greg

#3 Tom Sebourn Blog vs. #6 Talking Tech

The Arcata Marsh Region Results

Two match-ups in this region today, and two rather significant upsets!  Last year the Northcoast Journal Blogthing reached the Elite Eight in the tournament, but will not be headed back this year.  The upstart Redneck Romance Writer will join the Blogthing as a spectator the rest of the way. Congrats to the #12 seed In Retaliation and the #13 Respect and Patience, day one’s Giant Killers!

#13 Respect and Patience defeats #4 Redneck Romance Writer

#12 In Retaliation defeats #5 Northcoast Journal Blogthing

Second Round Match-up (Saturday)

#12 In Retaliation vs. #13 Respect and Patience

Headwaters Region Results

Only two match-ups to report on in this region today.  The two higher seeds prevail.  This sets up a match between two local media titans!!!  May the best lady win!

#4 early morning fog, partial clearing defeats #13 Bay of Rezanov

#5 Radio Radio Radio defeats #12 Continental Shelf

Second Round Match-up (Saturday)

#4 early morning fog, partial clearing vs. #5 Radio Radio Radio

The rest of the Opening Round results will come in tomorrow… so stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: First day Opening Round Results

  1. Cool, I’m still in it. Where is As It Stands? Maybe Dave will show up tomorrow? I can’t wait. This is almost as exciting as sitting on the hill waiting for the wave to take out the radio station.

    OK, I exaggerate a bit.

  2. I suspect I will Tom, as I understand Joe Blow is my competition. I wonder how that happened?

    We’re really such good buddies and all. LOL!

  3. I just want to apologize to Forest Defender. We didn’t mean to be competitive. We started the blog in 2006 during a time of (complete, thanks) recovery from surgery. Maybe I will look for some more local history items. I like those blogs best.

  4. Greg’s an honest man.

    The smart Vegas money is keeping a very close eye on Redheaded Blackbelt’s performance in the postseason, and it is liking what it sees. A lot.

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