2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Second day Opening Round Results/ Second Round Match-ups

The developing story of this year’s tournament is that being a #11 seed is a good thing.  The flip side, being a #6 seed not so good.  More upsets marked the second day of the opening round.  The match-ups of the Second Round are even more compelling.

Just a couple of story lines to point out.  In the Headwaters Region, the potential bad blood showdown between As it Stands and The Joe Blow Report will not happen in the Second Round due to the upset of As it Stands by the #11 Always a vixen, mostly a Vegan.  The second story line is the strength of the competition this year.  The higher seeds are not so much a lock for reaching the Final Four this year.  It is as wide open as ever.  By Monday, we will have 16 blogs left, and all 16 will have legitimate championship aspirations.  Lets get to the results:

The Richardson Grove Region

Nothing headline worthy to point out here, as all the higher seeds have moved to the Second Round.  Now we have some great match-ups this weekend.  Chocolate Covered Xanax looks very strong, but Tom Sebourn or Kym Kemp have just as good of a chance to reach the Final Four.

Fridays Results

#1 Chocolate Covered Xanax defeats #16 Digging up Humboldt

#8 Dirt defeats #9 The Petch House

#5 The Sunny Side defeats #12 Lost Coast Daily Painters

#4 Fred’s Humboldt Blog defeats #13 West of the Redwoods

Second Round Match-ups

#1 C C X vs. #8 Dirt

#4 Fred’s Humboldt Blog vs. #5 The Sunny Side

#3 Tom Sebourn Blog vs. #6 Talking Tech

#2 Redheaded Blackbelt vs. #7 Carol and Greg

The Arcata Marsh Region

A big congratulations to #11 Dreaming up Daily for knocking out the popular #6 Ranch at Salmon Creek, and to Highboltage for taking out Thingamababy.   The best match-up of the First Round became a dud as Fortuna Citizen routed Capdiamont in a battle of #8 vs. #9.   Keep in mind as the tournament progresses that the Veggie Addict and Rose look very strong, and might actually give the mighty Bugs a run for the money.

Friday’s Results

#1 Humboldt Mirror defeats #16 Green Wheels

#9 Fortuna Citizen defeats #8 Capdiamont’s Weblog

#3 Addicted to Veggies defeats #14 On the road again

#11 Dreaming up daily defeats #6 The Ranch at Salmon Creek

#10 Highboltage defeats #7 Thingamababy

#2 WatchPaul defeats #15 Kushboldt

Second Round Match-ups

#1 Humboldt Mirror vs. #9 Fortuna Citizen

#12 In Retaliation vs. #13 Respect and Patience

#3 Addicted to Veggies vs. #11 Dreaming up Daily

#2 WatchPaul vs. #10 Highboltage

The Headwaters Region

Those of us anticipating the showdown between Joe Blow and As it Stands are greatly disappointed.  Those are two Bloggers who plain do not like each other, and it was going to be a battle for sure.  However a Vixen Vegan threw a healthy monkey wrench into the plan.  Aside from that upset, the higher seeds all prevailed in this region. Congratulations to Bumblebee Nation for its 1st tourney win!

Friday’s Results

#1 Humboldt Herald defeats #16 Trinidad Skatepark Alliance

#8 Bumblebee Nation defeats #9 Seven-o-Heaven

#3 Joe Blow Report defeats #14 Steve Lewis Blog

#11 Always a Vixen, mostly a Vegan defeats #6 As it Stands

#7 Klamblog defeats #10 Under the Cork Tree

#2 Samoa Softball defeats #15 Small Town Girl

Second Round Match-ups

#1 Humboldt Herald vs. #8 Bumblebee Nation

#4 early morning fog, partial clearing vs. #5 Radio Radio Radio

#3 Joe Blow Report vs. #11 Always a Vixen, mostly a Vegan

#2 Samoa Softball vs. # 7 Klamblog

The Prairie Creek Region

This region’s results were posted yesterday, so here are the next round’s matches…

#1 Mckinleyville Press Blog vs. #8 The Plazoid

#4 Ernie’s Place vs. #5 Beachcomber’s Blog

#3 Lynette’s Norcal History Blog vs. #11 The Noble Lie

#2 SoHum Parlance vs. #7 Brenda Lou’s Blog

Results of the Second Round and the Sweet Sixteen Match-ups  will be posted Monday, have a great weekend!


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