2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Second Results, and the Sweet Sixteen

It has been an exciting, and rather unexpected weekend of results in this year’s tournament.  Upsets again are the storyline, and a Number One seed did not make the Sweet Sixteen.  The match-ups in the next round are going to be good, and one match-up in particular will be a battle of power houses.  Let’s get to the results…

The Headwaters Region


Vegans Rule#11 Always a Vixen, mostly a Vegan rolls on as she bounces Joe Blow Report from the Tournament.  She now faces Richard Marks, can she continue this improbable (one of many) run?

Heralded Success… The overall Top Seed is trucking along, can the Herald beat the Surfer Girl and finally get to the Final Four?


#1 Humboldt Herald defeats #8 Bumblebee Nation

#4 early morning fog, partial clearing defeats #5 Radio Radio Radio

#11 Always a Vixen, mostly a Vegan defeats #3 Joe Blow Report

#2 Samoa Softball defeats #7 Klamblog

Third Round Match-ups

#1 Humboldt Herald vs. #4 early morning fog, partial clearing

#2 Somoa Softball vs. #11 Always a Vixen, mostly a Vegan

The Arcata Marsh Region


Bugs Bugs Bugs… all of the other higher seeded blogs have been eliminated from this region.  All that stands between the Humboldt Mirror and a return to the Final Four are three double digit ranked blogs.  How is that for good tournament Mojo?

The Giant Killers! … How about the lower seeded blogs in this region?  Very impressive showing for these blogs.  They did not knock off some chump blogs that were not deserving of their higher seeds, oh no some very popular and powerful blogs got sent home from this side of the bracket this weekend.  The remaining high seeded blog should be a little concerned.


#1 Humboldt Mirror defeats #9 Fortuna Citizen

#12 In Retaliation defeats #13 Respect and Patience

#11 Dreaming up Daily defeats #3 Addicted to Veggies

#10 Highboltage defeats #2 WatchPaul

Third Round Match-ups

#1 Humboldt Mirror vs. #12 In Retaliation

#10 Highboltage vs. #11 Dreaming up Daily

The Prairie Creek Region


Bye Bye #1 …What is the opposite of what happened in the Arcata Marsh Region?  The answer is the Prairie Creek Region.   All of the top seeds get to the Sweet Sixteen except the Number One seeded Mckinleyville Press Blog.  The defending champion and runner-up from last year are both still alive, and in this region.

Tad the Man! … who would have guessed that the Plazoid would steal the headlines this weekend and topple a giant?  Can Tad and the Plazoid keep going to the Final Four?


#8 The Plazoid defeats #1 The McKinleyville Press

#4 Ernie’s Place defeats #5 Beachcomber’s Blog

#3 Lynette’s NorCal History Blog defeats #11 The Noble Lie

#2 Sohum Parlance defeats #7 Brenda Lou’s Blog

Third Round Match-ups

#4 Ernie’s Place vs. #8 The Plazoid

#2 SoHum Parlance vs. #3 Lynette’s NorCal History Blog

The Richardson Grove Region


The Drama! … the match-ups in this region are by far the most compelling and most competitive of all the match-ups in the Third Round.

The Showdown!  Redheaded Blackbelt taking on Tom Sebourn is the marquee match-up of the Third Round.  The first battle between two power house blogs, and it will be good!


#1 Chocolate Covered Xanax defeats #8 Dirt

#5 The Sunny Side defeats #4 Fred’s Humboldt Blog

#3 Tom Sebourn defeats #6 Talking Tech

#2 Reheaded Blackbelt defeats #7 Carol and Greg

Third Round Match-ups

#1 Chocolate Covered Xanax vs. #5 The Sunny Side

#2 Redheaded Blackbelt vs. #3 Tom Sebourn Blog

This year’s tournament is already an amazing event, and as we get closer to the Final Four the anxiety of who will make it gets more palpable.

Stay tuned for the next results Friday night!!!



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