AND then there were FOUR! 2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Regional Final Results

Thursday there were seven blogs from last year’s Elite Eight still in the mix for the tournament championship.  As of Sunday night, those seven blogs are now gone from the tournament.  In their place are four different blogs making their first appearances in the Blogger’s Final Four.  None of the Number 1 seeds or Number 2 seeds reached the Final Four this year.  It has been a tournament full of unexpected twists and pleasant surprises.  The Final Four this year features a Surfer Girl with local media ties, a Trinidad man who works in radio, a local man who represents the people on the street, and a Captain -not named Buhne- you may never have heard of.  As the week goes along, I will profile each blog in this year’s Final Four.

The Results

Headwaters Region

#4 early morning fog, partial clearing defeats #2 Samoa Softball

It was dubbed the “Thrilla in Manila 2”, as once again Richard and Samoa Softball reach the Elite Eight, but can’t punch the ticket to the Final Four.  This time, it is the Surfer Girl from the peninsula who falls Samoa Softball and makes her first Final Four

The Arcata Marsh Region

#11 Dreaming Up Daily defeats #1 Humboldt Mirror

In a run full of upsets, Captain Future and his Dreaming up Daily add the Bugs to the list of victims left in his wake.  This improbable run lands him in his first Final Four.  It only leaves a question:  Were the Bugs partying before the match-up (a Pabst Blue Ribbon Hangover)?  Is this why they came out on the losing end here?  Now they can only think about next year over at the Mirror

The Prairie Creek Region

#8 The Plazoid defeats #2 SoHum Parlance

If not for Captain Future, it would be Tad and the Plazoid with the tournament’s most compelling story.  However, the Plazoid had knocked off the top seed in the region, and the over-all runner up from last year prior to this match with the defending champion.  Eric Kirk’s run ends just shy of a return to the Final Four.  Not bad for a blog that slid backwards into the field.  Can Tad keep up his winning ways?

Richardson Grove Region

#3 Tome Sebourn defeats #5 The Sunny Side

Bob Huck and Tom locked horns in a duel that came right down to the very bitter end.  Bob’s run in the tournament was quite impressive, but Tom has had the hot hand.  Tom Sebourn is the only “power” blog to make the Final Four, and he looks like the early favorite at this time.

Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Semi-Finals

The Plazoid vs. Dreaming Up Daily

Tom Sebourn Blog vs. early morning fog, partial clearing

Please check back for profiles on each blog in the Final Four, and some other possible goodies before these match-ups next weekend.  Congratulations to our Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament Semi-Finalists



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