2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Final Four Blog Profiles (Part 1)

We are down to the Final Four in our Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament.  The Semi-Finals are scheduled for this weekend.  Today, we are profiling the two blogs in the first Semi-Final match-up.

The Plazoid vs. Dreaming up Daily

Dreaming up Daily

The Number 11 seed and champion of the Arcata Marsh Region

How Captain Future got here:

1st Round : defeats #6 The Ranch at Salmon Creek

2nd Round: defeats #3 Addicted to Veggies

3rd Round: defeats #10 Highboltage

Region Final: defeats #1 Humboldt Mirror

Captain Future has flown under the radar in our local blogosphere.  I found a link to his blog on Eric Kirk’s SoHum Parlance. Captain Future focuses on national and world issues in his posts .  He often posts quotes from Emerson, and his own called “Dreaming up Daily quotes of the Day”.  He has taken an interest in what is happening in Wisconsin, and has lately touched on Nuclear Power issues with what has happened in Japan.  Captain Future posts on a regular basis, and has lots of good insight and material he wishes his readers to digest.  I know of at least on other blogger who has recently added Captain Future to his blogroll.  Perhaps other bloggers will soon follow suit.

The Plazoid

The Number 8 seed from the Prairie Creek Region

How Tad got here:

1st Round: defeats #9 MovieDad

2nd Round: defeats #1 Mckinleyville Press Blog

3rd Round: defeats #4 Ernie’s Place

4th Round: defeats #2 SoHum Parlance

Tad is an activist, whether you agree or not.  He takes a stand for what he believes in, and his blog, the Plazoid, reflects it.  The Plazoid is deeply rooted in local issues.  Tad has tackled pot growing.  He has also written about police harassment.  Tad has also used his blog to express his issues with a few of the local papers, going so far as to post his unpublished letter that he sent into a local paper once.  Tad once called for a boycott of a local radio station because one of the station’s employees had started a blog that Tad felt targeted a certain sector of the local population in a negative way. What Tad is by far the most famous for is being removed from a Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting which led to his stint in the county jail.  It was during this jail stint that he reportedly had a hunger strike.  Tad tries to represent the views of the poor and less affluent people of our community.  At this time, it is unclear if Tad has stopped writing on the Plazoid for good, or if he is on a break.  He never returned an e-mail I sent to him requesting an update on his whereabouts.  I hope he gets back to that Plazoid, because whether you like him or not, Tad’s ideas have a place in our community.

Check in for Part 2 on Friday 


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