2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Final Four Blog Profiles (Part 2)

Saturday the two Blogger’s Tournament Semi-Finals match-ups will take place.  Here is some food for thought for this year’s Final Four.  No number 1 seed or Number 2 seed reached the Final Four.  No blog from last year’s Final Four made it back.  Monday night, a brand new Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament champion will be crowned.

Now we will profile the two blogs that make up the second Semi-Final match on Saturday.

early morning fog, partial clearing vs. Tom Sebourn Blog

early morning fog, partial clearing

The Number 4 seed and champion of the Headwaters Region

How Surfer Girl got here:

1st Round: defeats #13 Bay of Rezanov

2nd Round: defeats #5 Radio Radio Radio

3rd Round: defeats #1 Humboldt Herald

4th Round: defeats #2 Somoa Softball

Though not considered a Power Blog, early morning fog… is a very popular blog locally.  Surfer Girl enjoys posting reviews of her surf sessions, and being based out of Manila makes her access to the beach quite convenient.  However, Surfer Girl does not simply focus on her surf board.  Her blog is a small peak into her life.  Without putting her entire personal life on display, Surfer Girl allows us to see a glimpse of a family not unlike a typical one that enjoys the good times, and finds strength in the hard times.  Her posts about her struggles, while not delving into explicit detail, offer her readers some hints on how to handle the stresses of family and career.  Surfer Girl offers an incredible insight into the lives of parents raising a child with diabetes.  For that reason any parent of a diabetic child should read her blog.  early morning fog, partial clearing is a must read, and hopefully Surfer Girl will not hang up her blog writing anytime soon.

Tom Sebourn Blog

The Number 3 seed and Champion of the Richardson Grove Region

How Tom got here:

1st Round: defeats #14 Siskiyou Land Conservancy

2nd Round: defeats #6 Talking Tech

3rd Round: defeats #2 Redheaded Blackbelt

4th Round: defeats #5 The Sunny Side

Tom Sebourn commutes a long way to work everyday.  Living all the way up in Trinidad, and coming to work at the radio station on South Broadway gives him pause considering gas prices.  So he posted a story about it on his blog.  Tom will also use his blog to alert his readers to breaking local news, such as road closures, power outages, and whatever situation may break out locally.  Tom does not focus on one arena with his blog.  Readers will find a good mix of national issues, state issues, and or course the local stuff.  Tom will also post stories about food, sports, and other odd subjects that raise his curiosity.   Readers also like the pictures he will post.  The recent picture of the radio dish that blew over in the winds from the big storms was quite a sight.  Here is to Tom representing the North Coast, and may he keep it up!

Remember to check in Sunday morning for the results of the Semi-Finals…


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