First Beach day of the season!

Well, the sunshine was bright and inviting, but there was a wind that was coming off the ocean that kept things cool.  It did not matter, it was a Spring day, and I wanted to get to the beach.

The water looked great, and the visibility to the north was good.   After a short while, the cold wind was no longer a bother.  However, there were not as many people at the beach today as I would have expected for such a sunny day.

No, today was the ideal day for this wind surfing fanatics.  There were at least five of them braving the white capped surf.  It looks like a lot of fun.


One thought on “First Beach day of the season!

  1. The wind dried my grass off and I got to get in the first mow of the year. Went to the dump too. Judging by the pictures, I must have driven right by you.

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