2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Tapperass explains all

All throughout the tournament I have been asked about how the winners were picked in each match-up.  As promised I will now briefly detail the method I used to facilitate this year’s tournament.

The Subjective Part

Of course I had to take 68 blogs and place them in the tournament bracket.  Each blog was ranked in order to determine the match-ups. I based my rankings on blog popularity, activity, and interest in local issues.  Once I determined how the blogs would rank from #1 through #68, I had to determine the #1 seeds for each region.  Each #1 seed was ranked 1 through four.  The Humboldt Herald was selected as the overall Number 1 seed in the tournament.  I did my best to match-up low ranking blogs with high ranking blogs for first round match-ups.

The not so Subjective Part

I used the 2011 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Division 1 Tournament to determine the winners of each match-up.

Once the Humboldt Herald was selected as the Overall Number 1 seed, I matched the Blog with Ohio State University.  Ohio State was the overall Number 1 seed in the basketball tournament.  The Humboldt Mirror was matched with Kansas University, McKinleyville Press Blog was matched with University of Pittsburgh, and Chocolate Covered Xanax was matched with Duke.

So both the college basketball bracket and the blogger’s bracket were laid against each other, and that was how each blog was paired with a college basketball team.

Tom Sebourn Blog got the lucky pairing with University of Connecticut.  The UCONN Huskies won the National Championship last night over Butler University, who was paired with the Plazoid.

There were no dice thrown, or computer models used to project winners.  All I had to do was watch a lot of college basketball.  For a sports fan like me, that was no challenge at all.


3 thoughts on “2011 Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament: Tapperass explains all

  1. Good to know…my previous insight into a tournament was between several political websites and it had everything to do with traffic. I’d name some of the sites, but they don’t deserve the traffic.

  2. Just remember, for each glorious winner there is 67 of us sore loosers. It has, long, been my motto that: “A grudge worth having is a grudge worth holding,” so watch your back!

    Seriously though, Blogs have become valuable sources of information on the north coast. Redhead Blackbelt and Sohum Parlance are the go-to sources for up-to-date info on whatever is happening in southern Humboldt.

    Your # 1 seed, Humboldt Herald, has an obvious bias that sometimes I agree with, and sometimes I don’t. I don’t like the fact that Hal pushes opinions without signing them… Foul! The comments always seem to end up in a cat fight, but Hal is unarguably the most popular blog on the coast.

    I expect Hank Sim’s “Lost Coast Outpost” to become the new powerhouse on the coast. I like that he is a true Journalist and signs his name to what he says. I like knowing who I’m arguing with, and what their track record is, Hank’s honest even when he is wrong.

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