Catching up with Tapperass

It has been a while, so let me bring you up to date on what I have been doing.

One of my clients was given a puppy.  The pooch is absolutely adorable.  Chick magnet, and is already house broken!

Participated in the Humboldt Trivia Challenge.  Much thanks to Mr. Pat and the Bog Boss Man for being on our team.  We got schooled, but it was for a good cause.

I gave blood for the first time in my life, or at least since I can last remember when I did.  I sort of did it as a gift to a friend.  That friend was proud of me.

Thank goodness for wedding registry.  My buddy JJ is getting married today, May 14th, and I wanted to make sure I did not show up empty handed at the ceremony.

Speaking of the Groom, I crossed paths with JJ this morning as he was chilling before the big event.  In classic JJ style, he has written his wedding vows in a paper coffee cup.  Those of us who know and love him would not expect anything else from our beloved friend.


11 thoughts on “Catching up with Tapperass

  1. Glad to know you are doing okay. Hmm, so I guess we can surmise that you are using an adorable pup to pick up women, and possibly becoming a vampire. Which is not surprising considering your birth date. 😉

  2. I thought I should let you know that Hank Sims now has the blogger cup. He might need it to get through the email Arkley story. I hope that is allowed.

    Thanks Sal for all the blogging fun.

  3. At this very moment, sitting in my living room with a blanket on my lap, cursing the electric company and this strange cold and rainy May weather for causing me to drag my space heater back out which I thought was staying in the closet all summer. And also happy that my crazy and very noisy upstairs neighbors are finally getting kicked out of here (they are a special breed of a-holes, as our beloved Tapperass himself can attest). I should throw some kind of party once they actually leave…but I can’t decide on female strippers or mud wrestlers…

    So little time. So much to do. 😉

  4. I have heard about your special neighbors! I am sure you and the T are very glad they are departing. My formerly quiet neighbor has a new girlfriend and lets just say she is very loud during the private moments. If you have any helpful hints on how to deal with them…please let me know.

    You should have a party and have some hot male strippers come..then I would come to your party just to make sure everyone behaves.

  5. Wow! Thank you all for reading my blog after my long leave of absence.

    Tom, I finally linked Hank’s new Blog digs to my page. However, do not just pencil him in as the champ next year. It is a tournament after all, and anything can happen!

  6. Bratty,

    Here are some “helpful” hints for you!

    1) Digitally record your neighbors activities and upload it to YouTube. Provide some witty or clever commentary as a second audio track and add some appropriate visuals, then snail mail them the URL.

    2) Use a stopwatch to time them and keep a log. Rate them for duration, intensity, audible level, etc. Then mail it to them as indicated in #1 with your own detailed notes on where they need improvement.

    3) Go out and buy the raunchiest porn video you can, then play it at full volume whenever they are making noise. This one could possibly backfire though.

    4) Get some earplugs.

    5) Tell them that you are one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s many mistresses, and that if they don’t keep it down, he’s going to drop by and pay them a visit. But warn the lady that he might try and seduce her too (especially if she works as a maid).

    6) Go ask them in person if you can join in.

    I assume no responsibility for these suggestions! My one saving grace about my soon to be gone neighbors is that the male, even though a younger guy in his 20s, appears to have no stamina whatsoever. Five minutes at most and all the sounds stops…man do I ever feel sorry for his girlfriend! 😀

  7. Italianooooooooooooo….those are some great suggestions! However I am way to much of a prude to do most of them. I can handle the earplugs though. Our upstairs neighbor is already wearing earplugs to sleep.

    Now to make the situation even worse…she does not clean up after her large dog. They are gonna find the droppings in front of their door or more likely on their car if that problem keeps up.

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