Twenty Six

The first thing I must establish is that Nature did not grant me a body for running.  My legs are short, and I have a long trunk.  I have tried running in the days when I was lighter.  Needless to say it did not stick.  Now that I am into weight lifting and hiking, and I have become quite comfortable walking.  It has been a great way for me to get in light cardiovascular work, and I have lost weight.

This summer will be mark my third year on a team participating in The Relay for Life.  My team is comprised of the Early to Bed types, so I anchor the over night portion of the relay.  My first year I struggled to walk for about six hours, and I was sore for the next week.  Last year I walked for seven hours, and completed 21 miles in honor of those I know who have, had, and died from cancer.

In less than a week I will again anchor the night at The Relay.  My goal this year is 26 miles.  I will need to walk for eight hours to accomplish this goal.  I was walking six miles a day in addition to my regular work outs at the gym.  I was on track.

Eleven days ago I injured a toe on my right foot.  The pain was so bad I had to cease walking.  I still made to the gym to lift, and to ride the stationary bike, but that was it.  I was in the dumps.  I feared that this injury would end my chances to reach my goal at the Relay on July 9th.  As luck would have it, my toe improved to the point where I could return to my training.  I have three days left to make some final preparations before I take my first lap on Saturday at 10 pm out at College of the Redwoods.

My motivation, and inspiration comes from all of the people I know, or have known that have had to deal with cancer.  This is one of the few times when it will not be about me.  I walk for them

I will be ready come Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Twenty Six

  1. I hope you make your goal. My wife was involved for years in relay for life. She is a cancer survivor. Her health no longer permits her to walk that much, but we take short walks everyday.

    Good luck. It’s for a good cause.

    PS – I too have short legs and a long trunk that has given me back problems over the years and eventually led to surgery – stainless steel rod and clamps.

  2. I have no doubt you will accomplish your goal this weekend. You have a lot of people cheering for you.

    Enjoy your weekend knowing you are making a difference.

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