No pay… no workout!

I was told an incredible story today about generosity abused at my gym.

It appears that one of the owners of my gym had extended a courtesy to a member when it came to paying fees.  Each month this member was asked about paying her balance for the year.  A balance that was under $50.  Nearly a year passed, and as the member purchased a brand new car, and went on vacation, the membership fees went unpaid.

When the final confrontation took place this morning, at a time I was not present, the member responded with some of the best one liners a moocher would be proud of.

“I could not help that I bought a new car this year.  I could not help that I took a vacation this year!” and “I don’t need to be telling you my business, I made a deal with (name omitted), and I am going to pay when I can.”

Yes, the member was kicked out.  Pay your membership fees!  The owner of a local gym- not affiliated with a national chain- could not help it if he or she needs to collect fees to keep the gym open.


7 thoughts on “No pay… no workout!

  1. I think it is great that the owner extended the courtesy to her for a while but it is leeches like her that make people not want to help others out during difficult times. It is to bad the owner let it go on so long because they will most likely never see the money.

  2. I would’ve made them clean the toilets to cover their fees. 🙂

    I don’t get some people. Once I did about 5 hours of tech work for a small business…fixed their computers – even helped with their graphic art and webpage and was told I’d be paid soon. The guy never paid me…but…he had the nerve to call me back a few weeks later and ask for more help. Needless to say I told him to stuff it, and I can only hope that all of his computers spontaneously combusted soon there after. Or at least got some nasty viruses. 🙂

  3. Up here, doing stuff for trade is quite common. The same guy who owns the gym trades personal training with a tattoo artist for time spent working on his tattoos. Great and creative solution.

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