Costco trip #071411

Only a company named Pacific Coast would market a comforter that was European Down.

… and slackers everywhere rejoice!

This book was not all that spacious.  Perhaps the manufacturer is anticipating many drop outs.

“You da Mat!”

Eventually they were going to make a wine for this.

A selection from the Board Game Series.

With this name you would think it would be a red wine.

Sounds like a type of candy to me.

The name alone will bring a spike in sales to men.

… and you thought there was only a Banana Republic.

This cheese can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Skinny?  Skinny and burrito are two words that do not go together.

See, it all comes full circle.  You ate gummy bears as a child, and you will eat fiber gummy pieces as an old person.


2 thoughts on “Costco trip #071411

  1. I think if I were female and a guy asked if I would like to come by his house for a glass of “Dr. Loosen” I wouldn’t know quite what to expect.

    But on the other hand, it definitely sounds like the name of a porn star from the 70s. 😉

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