Lady Bird Johnson Grove

Here is a little entry for those of my readers who are not from around here.  A friend and I visited a place right here in my back yard (OK!  More like an hour or less of a drive from my home).  This grove was dedicated by President Nixon back in 1969.  It is a very accessible walk where you can see some of the tallest trees you will ever fix your eyes on.

This day was one with a low ceiling.  The fog laid low, and the trees looked especially majestic on this day.

The loop is not very long, and there is a self-guided tour.  Plus there are plenty of tourists who might ask you to take their pictures.  So I always try to be nice.

Some of the trees have a story to tell.  However, you have to fill in the blanks.  That could be a cozy shelter in case of a storm.

It is always a natural reaction to look up to the sky in order to take in the sight of these amazing trees.

However, be sure to take a look near the ground, or you might miss the colorful flowers that flank the majestic giants.  So if you ever make to the North Coast, and Humboldt County, Lady Bird Johnson Grove would be a great stop if you want to see some awesome trees.


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