The 2011 Tapperass Food Labs are open!

Every year, I open up the Food Labs right around the time football season starts up.  These labs offer me the opportunity to try new food recipes that may end up on the menu for my annual Super Bowl party.

Earlier in the week I received an e-mail from Mr. Pat that contained a bacon covered burger with hot dogs sticking out of it.  The burgers resembled turtles.

This picture in the e-mail was hard to decipher with regards to the size of the burger.  That looks like a mess of bacon was used to create the “shell”.  So I tried to create my own version of the Turtle.  However, I think I used hamburger patties that were much smaller than the ones in the picture above.

I also realized that four strips of bacon to my tiny patties (they were at least 1/3 of a pound) were not enough to create a turtle shell.  The weave that you see in the first picture looks like it has several more strips of bacon in it.  My patties will need to be bigger.  Of course that would not be my only issue.

Then came time to place my turtles on the grill.  I made the choice to not cover the turtles in foil before placing them on the fire.

This was an Epic Fail!  The bacon was charred on two of the turtles.  I managed to salvage the burgers by adding a foil wrap to finish cooking the ground beef.

For the next time, I will need to make the patties much bigger.  This way the bacon weave will look more like a turtle shell.  More important, I will use a foil wrap to cook the turtle to prevent charring of the bacon weave.

With football season starting, I have only a set number of weeks before the Super Bowl and my party.  These food labs will be vital in the creative process that leads to a menu of excess calories and cholesterol my guests have been accustomed to.


6 thoughts on “The 2011 Tapperass Food Labs are open!

  1. When cooking fatty foods over charcoal there are two things you can do, move to coals to one side and the meat to the other and always have several large cans of Oly or PBR, some regular strength, regular flavored beer. Use the beer on the fire as you would use water to keep the flames down. This also works great for chicken with the skin still on it. When water hits coals it steams back a not so great taste into the food. Beer adds another element and makes it taste even better.

    I use a Weber like you but also have an electric smoker. I do all dogs and sausage in there over low heat. That’s how I would do these turtle burgers but a more indirect heat and lots of beer and you should be able to use the Weber. And don’t use turkey franks or cheap hot dogs but you probably already know that. I would say that most people would have to split one of these by the time you get the proportions right.

    At first I thought that you had gone out and raided the neighborhood pond of turtles. Cool post.

  2. Those look delicious! And Atkins/Low Carb friendly…so not all that bad for you really. 🙂

    Sorry Bratty…I’ve had a bacon craving lately and was just going to buy some to cook normally…but this gives me all sorts of new ideas…!

  3. How do I get an invite to Tom’s for dinner? I make a great Willa Crick peach pie.

    P.S. I had no idea the Food Labs opened this early in the year. This must be why the feast is so impressive.

  4. Hey Tom…. Wouldn’t you agree it’s high time we all plan another Blogger’s Picnic? I’m game. Our new blog (Formerly 299 Opine) has some concoctions worth throwing into the pile. And this time, maybe, just maybe, Kristabel will join us in the fray by bringing some larrupin’ Willa Crick peach cobbler.

    -Spence and Kate (The Editors)

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