Costco Trip #09282011

Short people are not digging this stool.  It counters your height.  What if you already lack height?

It looks like Knight Industries are back in business.  Taking technology from KITT and utilizing it in the baby seat business.  (Fans of Knight Rider will appreciate this I think/hope)

“How can we make some money for our Fraternity?” … “We can manufacture a baby seat!”

Who said it was great to live in the Suburbs?  War with your neighbors and all!

Pedaphiles and perverts probably bought this product, and were sadly disappointed.

A machine designed by a male with some self-image issues.

The people of Malibu, California throw their hat into the wine making arena.  Now, can they come up with a catchy name for their vineyard?

How cool is this?  Now you can take your Jager surfing with you!  Or if you are out at sea with Jager, and it falls in the water, it will not freeze to death in less than 6 minutes.

… and a bonus one from a store other than Costco:

How the heck can you play when you are eating all of the darn letters?


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