It is the most wonderful time of the year… already?

October is my month… mostly.  I do share it with some people from my past, and of course my present.  In fact I am pressing this story on the birthday of a girl I once dated way back in the day.  Well, I have to wait until the final day of this month to have my day.

So what does it mean to have a Halloween birthday?  It means you are called Hob Goblin, demon seed, and other variations on a theme that makes you feel that perhaps your mother should have tried to wait a day.  It also means that there might be a sibling that resents the day you were born because of when mom went into labor.  Only years later did my youngest brother, who as many readers know is eight years older than me, admit to me how much he disliked my existence at first.  Due to my untimely arrival, he missed a night of Trick or Treats because my mom went into labor early afternoon on October 31, 1974.  So he spent the entire evening waiting for this treat. (I was dropped at 9:20 p.m. if you are keeping score)  Thank goodness he forgave me.  I mean , from all accounts, all of my other siblings were quite enamored with the idea of having a new baby brother.

Having a Halloween birthday tests your loyalty to the holiday.  Do I dress up?  Well, I never fully embraced the concept.  It has been far and few years when I have dressed up for my day.  However, back in 2003 I think I topped myself beyond anything I can ever come up with again.  That year, and I wish I can find the pictures I know were taken,  I dressed up like a giant Maxi-Pad.  My then girlfriend did incredible work to hand stitch the fabric used in the costume to give that quilted look of authenticity.  That night we cruised the bars and so many people wanted a picture with me.  It has been very hard to top that night when it comes to costumes.  I hope before I die those pictures of me in that costume resurface.

As a grown up Adult type, my Halloween means buying lots of candy to share with friends and co-workers.  I love to give the gift of cavities, and toothaches.  It is an excuse to bring a smile to the face of somebody who does not expect the kindness of candy.  I also look forward to the Halloween themed cards, our annual Bingo night, breakfast buffet, and whatever surprise awaits me from my friends.  However, after last years Five Star Treatment, I must ask my friends to take the year off.  After what happened last year, I am good for about another five to ten years.  What a lucky skunk I am!

Now what are my fondest memories of  my birthdays past?  Let me think…

Those cakes with that famous beagle on them were pretty cool!

Have a happy October, because I am.

p.s. Thank you Steve for finding that picture of me with the cake, it always put s a smile on my face anytime of the day no matter what mood I am in.


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