A Review of Monday Night’s Sippy Rules…

The following is an quick review of the Monday night tradition I am a part of.  I posted the following pic on my Facebook last night:

One of my friends asked about the  Sippy Cup in the picture, and here is the story…

As most of my readers know by now, I spend my Monday nights during football season at a local bar watching games with my friends.  It is a tradition that has spanned over a decade now.  I reflect back to those first few times Pops and I would get together at a pizza place.  Then came that day when one of Pop’s friends told him about a little bar in Henderson Center, Eureka.  He and I strolled in their one Monday Night, and after a few trials and errors, we decided to call it home.  Geez, that was like 1998 or 1999.  Since then, Pops and I have been joined by Mr. Pat and Bubbles.  The four of us are now an institution at that bar on Monday nights during football season.  Of course, that does not mean we get any kind of special treatment, the above photo notwithstanding.

Over the years, we have seen the Monday night regulars change time and time again.  People have come and gone, and come back, and left again.  The only two people as consistent as us four are the World’s Greatest Bartender, and the owner, Dave.  They treat us so well, and we feel so at home there.

Let us now discuss the Sippy Rules.  A few years back I noticed how sloppy our table was getting.  Lots of little beer spills, and the table was often wet.  Something had to be done.  So I thought about it and the idea finally came to me.  I told the group that I was going to buy a child’s sippy cup, and bring it to the bar.  The next person to spill any beer, and in any amount, would be forced to drink from the Sippy Cup.  A week later I arrived at the bar with the orange sippy, and the Sippy Rules were born!

It has been quite effective!  It has been FOUR YEARS, and we have only had one spill.  The table has been clean, and the other patrons have considered mandating the Sippy Rules at their tables.  As for our lone spiller so far, well Pops was a very good sport, and he took his Sippy Cup drink with class.  I will keep my promise to him, and not post the picture of him enjoying his beer from the Sippy Cup.

So if you want to create an effective deterrent from spilled beer, go buy a Sippy Cup.  The Sippy Rules work, trust us!


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