We go “Uno Mas” to the Bay Area

The final trip of the season for my crew and I will take place this coming weekend.  This weekend we are descending on Candlestick Park to see the 49ers welcome my Tampa Bay Buccaneers to town.  We have spent another Spring/Summer/Fall enjoying some great sporting events in the Bay Area.  Of course, those sporting events were just the window dressing for the dining places we found to humble our collective appetites.

Will it be the Chicken and Waffle Place?  Oh, how I missed good fried chicken.  Also, not pictured is the bowl of grits that came with my meal.  Oh my, grits are good!!!

Or perhaps the famous burger place?  Why not both?  Yes, both.

I look forward to making the rounds in Powell’s Sweet Shop.  Maybe I will breakdown and get the Bacon Soda.

Of course we are heading into the belly of the beast.  NFL games have quickly become the epicenter of fan on fan violence.  I would not care to wager a guess as to the amount of booze that is consumed prior to, and during a game, but it certainly gives me great concern for my safety.  The number of SFPD officers at the last game was truly a sign that the angry mob is the new norm for football fans in the stadium.

I look forward to Pops continuing his Reuben Sandwich Lecture tour.  He is a very proud Reubenologist.  I hear that new sandwich shop in McKinleyville makes a Reuben Sandwich… with pastrami.  Sorry people, it is not a Reuben.  Mix in the Corned Beef.

No matter how unruly the fans might be on Sunday afternoon, our trip is destined to be fun.  The cops can storm the stands from the opening kickoff until the final whistle, all I want is another sub-headline like the one above.


Let’s go have fun!


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