Hey drivers in Old Town: Here is a tip or two, or three

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One of my biggest gripes about living in Old Town is the driving.  I realize that I am resident in this part of town, so I am inclined to know the turf.  However, I get so vexed by the number of drivers who suddenly forget the basic rules of the road when they enter my side of town.  So I want to offer a few tips.

1. Know where the F#@K you are going!!!

With the likes of Garmin, Nextar, Magellen, maps.com, Googlemaps, and Tom Tom available, you would think that the days of winging it were at an end.  I can’t tell you how often I end up behind a car that slows down to a crawl.  The driver must be getting close to the general vicinity of their destination because the incessant tapping of the brakes clearly tells me it is close.  I often think that people arrive in Old Town, and suddenly forget where they and where they are going.  Look people, get a map!  Know where you are going.  Why waste hundreds of hours of your life driving 5 miles per hour thinking you know where you are?  Know where you are!  Save your fellow driver the anguish of discovering you are on the wrong side of town.

#2 Re-learn what a STOP sign looks like!

Despite the trend of many drivers, not every intersection in Old Town is a four way stop.  This incorrect assumption  has lead to many vehicular stand offs in Old Town.  The driver who has the stop sign waits for the intersection to be clear, while the person who has the right of way waits for the a-hole to his right (or left) to turn already.  A simple glance to the upper right and out of the front window will quickly resolve the question of right of way.  Perhaps someday every intersection in Old Town will be converted into a four way stop.  However until then, please make the effort to identify a STOP sign.

#3 Be sure to check your mirrors

Why?  You never know when you are holding up traffic behind you.  A little courtesy can go a long way.


I am done venting my frustrations now.  Please remember when you are in Old Town that there are other drivers you are sharing the road with.  Many of us do in fact know where we are going and know where all the stop signs are.  So please, be courteous.  Thanks!




3 thoughts on “Hey drivers in Old Town: Here is a tip or two, or three

  1. People who are “from here” are some of the worst drivers I have ever encountered. When and where is it the rule that you can stop short in the middle of the road, for example? Not here, but there seems to be plenty of confusion about that.

    Also, kids playing in the street–whose fault is it that they don’t know it is dangerous and why is it the domain of the driver to have to watch out for things not supposed to be in their way?

  2. Thanks Kris. I agree with you about the drivers. I was lucky enough to have learned driving on the So Cal freeways and such. However, driving up here has taught me instincts that keep me safe. For example, I always wait a few extra seconds before entering an intersection on a green light. I have seen two cases where a driver did not see the red light and just went through the intersection at full speed. One time, the mom in the mini-van was lucky and made it through. The other time, an unfortunate driver was t-boned by the red light runner.

  3. hey, i always thought that alleys were for deliveries. the delivery people in california think that the world revolves around them. they stop in the middle of streets to make their delivery, get in their van and move 50 feet, stop, and make another delivery. all this time you cannot go around them due to oncoming traffic. during the holiday season you may have multitude delivery persons all in front of you. this the season to be merry,and road rage.

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