The Tapperass Food Labs presents: The Pizza Cheeseburger

Special Note:  If you have issues with cholesterol you may want to skip this edition of the food labs.

With tonight being the start of Thursday Night Football, my friends came over to watch the game.  So I had to feed them.  What a great time to experiment once again.  So I asked, what would happen if I made a cheeseburger without the bun?  Or, instead of a bun, use a mini pizza?  I gathered my supplies and got cooking.

I placed several mini cheese pizzas in the oven, and while they cooked I grilled several sirloin hamburger patties.

The burgers were all well done.

I used Havarti cheese on the burgers.  They were going to be doubles.

I placed the slice of Havarti in between the two hamburger patties.

When I topped the burgers with the other mini pizza, the red sauce ran down onto the patties.  It looked amazing!

I decided to cut each pizza cheeseburger into quarters to serve them.

The Verdict:  The mix of Havarti and Mozzarella cheese was a hit.  The pizza sauce also added more flavor to the sirloin patties.  Everybody enjoyed the flavors of this fusion of burger and pizza.  However, it was hard to cut the burgers into quarters, and the “WOW” factor was not present.  Although we enjoyed these very much, there is a very slim chance this item will make the final menu of my annual Super Bowl party.

Now I need to go walk 15 miles to burn of a fraction of the Calories I just consumed.


8 thoughts on “The Tapperass Food Labs presents: The Pizza Cheeseburger

  1. Robin makes a cheeseburger pie, crescent rolls for crust, fill with cooked ground beef with onions and tomato paste with spices and cheese on top of the meat. another layer of crescent roll brushed with egg yoke and then bake for 20 minutes. Yum!

    Your Pizza Cheeseburger looks like a heart attack supreme! I want a bite!

  2. They look good.

    But what is this about football on Thursdays too??? Football does NOT need to take over another night.

  3. Good Lord, this looked like a colossal cardiac special arrest ready to happen as the pictures moved along until some sense of decency and restraint finally reigned supreme and the ‘burger’ being cut into slices at the end. Whew! That was a close one. Looks PDG. Pretty Damn Good. I won’t tell you what PDFG is.

    Samoasoftball (and Robin), your meat pie meets crescent roll PDFG idea was also Havartily awesome.

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