Attention Bloggers of Greater Humboldt County!

As the New Year approaches, it is time to start thinking about the Spring.  In addition to all of the wonderful things that we associate with the Spring, we must also be thinking about a tradition that will enter its third year.

I am talking about the Annual Humboldt Blogger’s Tournament!

This is the annual showcase for all of the blogs in and around our area.  It would be nice to win, and that should be the goal of each and every blogger who makes the effort to express themselves on a regular basis.

March is not that far away, so I will start publishing the dreaded blog rankings.  Please do not read to much into the rankings, for they are only used to seed the tournament in March.  If anything, it is a conversation piece.  I have learned so much from the unsolicited criticism heaved my way last year, so these rankings will be a little more scrutinized on my part.

So sometime after the New Year the very first rankings will be released.

Here is the list of Blogger’s Tournament champions:

2010: SoHum Parlance

2011: Tom Sebourn Blog

2012: ???

Tom is the defending champion!  As you can see, we have yet to have a repeat champion, or a back to back champion.

Good Luck my fellow bloggers!


7 thoughts on “Attention Bloggers of Greater Humboldt County!

  1. Don’t rule out the rookies!

    -Kate & Spence

    (P.S. I’m nearly out of Necco’s and that would make a great trophy)

  2. Realizing that this tournament was coming, I’ve decided to take a different approach this year. I’ve backed way off, I’m trying to give other bloggers a chance. I going for the “Most Humble” award.

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