At long last… my vacation in pictures. I am home? Am I?

I finally get a chance to write a quick note about my recent trip back to my hometown.  I am not much of the sentimental type when I visit the place I grew up.  Let’s face it; I fell off the face of the planet when I moved away after graduating from high school.  So often during my stay in So Cal I felt like a tourist.  This trip was no different in that regard, but I must say that my time spent with my family had a profound effect on me.

I came back and I realize how much I miss spending time with my brothers.  I miss going to my mom’s place to stuff my pie hole with homemade food.  I came home with a few dozen homemade tamales by the way.  By this time I am supposed to be glad to be back to my life up here, but something is different this time.  I am still thinking about what is going on down there, and how things might be if I was there too.  I bonded with my nieces and nephews, and I feel like I am missing out on something being so far away.  I met Fredo’s grandson.  He is the so cute, and has a perpetual smile on his face.  I am left now with a mixed bag of thoughts in my mind.

My brother Fredo has two young children that my mom gets to see on a regular basis.  My mom loves being a grandma, and seeing my niece’s wall of art was pretty cool.  I especially like the snoopy stuff.  Of course, I am kind of bias.

My mom also uses her grandkids for basic child labor.  I like how the two kids work together so well.

My brother Steve and I made pigs of ourselves on sausage and cheese and watched Laker games like two bums.  Vacations are great!

I miss the fact that in many yards there are citrus trees.  I remember the days of not having to pay for oranges, lemons, and avocados.

An unusual window I passed on day while walking through downtown.

I did some hiking into the hills above Ojai, CA.  The views were terrific.

Just like so many Ventura County hiking trails, I had to traverse through some kind of orchard to get to the wild hills.  There was an avocado ranch I passed by.

The greatest sight I saw on any of my hikes was at my feet.  It had been years since I have seen a rattlesnake in the wild.  He was just laying out getting some sun.  The unusually warm weather must have fooled him into thinking it was time to come out and check things out.

I even convinced my nephew to hit the trail with me.  We both saw this view from the top of hill we climbed… also in Ojai.

One morning I woke up to fog.  Any chance I missed Humboldt was gone when I stepped out in this soup.

At this beach the fog rolled in late in the afternoon, and spoiled many people’s frolic in the water.

While I was hanging out with my mom, she dragged me to a Death Star… aka “that place”

I took in a sunset in Ventura.

The pier

The Channel Islands in the horizon

Red skies

Oh the food.  One day at lunch with Fredo and his son Jonathan, I had a Monte Cristo sandwich… or at least an interpretation of it.  It was still yummy!  Of course I spent most of my time eating homemade food at my mom’s house, and at Steve’s.

…and what trip would be complete without returning with Snoopy and Peanuts collectables?

Interesting books

Buttons, bookmark, a patch, and a pin

Stationary and a little plaque

This is cool.  Many thanks to my brother Steve and Sister Vivian for finding this cool stuff for me!


4 thoughts on “At long last… my vacation in pictures. I am home? Am I?

  1. Looks like you had a great time. I love the fog shots. That is one of the things I miss being on the East Coast.

  2. oh Sal, the pictures are great. I am so glad you got the Peanuts stuff. I enjoy collecting them for you at yard sales and other places. I think Snoopy and Charlie and the whole gang are making a comeback. I really miss visiting my brothers too. I am going to have to go and visit soon so I can smell the ocean. Thanks again for posting these pictures.

  3. Just got back from visiting my daughter in Sac. My little grandson turned 21 yesterday and is preparing to become a father… time really does fly and we miss so much when we aren’t around the people we love. I am happy to be home but I totally relate to your feelings cause I have them too… I’ve missed so much with that group and I am very grateful that the rest of my children and grandchildren are here where I can be a part of their lives!!!

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