A rebuttal from a football fan; done in poem…

There will come a day

When TV networks will fight for the rights

So that arts and crafters will do their thing

On their Super Station

Sponsors will flock with open wallets

Living rooms filled with snacks and liquor

People watching with bated breath

Crochet with burlap is so divine

You really want mind boggling:

Currently there are 4 networks that pay approximately 20 BILLION dollars for the right to broadcast football games on TV; and that is just for the professional ones!  College football is another kingdom all to itself.

Starting in 2014 and for eight years after that, the same four TV networks will shell out 40 BILLION dollars for professional games.  They would not be doing that just because the money in their wallets is causing their skin to break out in hives.  It is the fans!

Long live sporting events!

*This is a brief editorial rebuttal to a comment I read on Facebook this morning.  I am a proud to be a consumer of sporting events on television.  I am not a fanatic, but I enjoy a good sporting match.


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