Allow me to make it up to my friends who are not Sports Fans.

I was a bit of a bully with my last post.  It was way out of line, and it also proves that I am no poet.

This Sunday the San Francisco 49’ers have a chance to return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1995.  The last time the Niners played in a Super Bowl I was not old enough to buy beer legally, and I had  only known my good friend Mr. Pat for five months.  So now people up and down the North Coast are excited about the potential return to greatness the Niners have at their hands.

So to my dear friends who have little interest or need for sports… you no doubt will end up in a situation in the next two weeks where you are confronted by a group of wild sports fans who will be talking the Football talk.

You wanna mess up their minds a little, and drop some sports knowledge on them that will knock them off their feet?  Nothing like showing up the loud mouth who thinks he knows EVERYTHING about football.

OK, so here is the background:  The National Football league splits its teams into two conferences with 16 teams apiece.  The American Football Conference, and the National Football Conference.  The San Francisco 49ers play in the National Football Conference.  The Super Bowl will be played between the winner of the American Football Conference and the winner of the National Football Conference  in about two weeks.

Now:  In the 17 years since the last time the 49ers reached the Super Bowl, the National Football Conference has sent all but two teams to the Super Bowl.  In 17 years 14 teams have represented the National Football Conference in the Super Bowl.  Only two teams in the conference have failed to reach a Super Bowl in that time.

Wanna bet your loud mouth sports moop can’t name the two teams?  Well, you will be able to…

The Detroit Lions (who have never been to a Super Bowl ever) and The Washington Redskins (oye ve)

I look forward to hearing about how you “Non-Sports Fan” clowned some beer belly super fan with a quick jab of trivia!


2 thoughts on “Allow me to make it up to my friends who are not Sports Fans.

  1. Thank you Sally. I will be sure to use this knowledge to impress my sports freaks (oops I meant friends).

    BTW……Go NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Detroit Lions WILL make it to the Super Bowl… even if William Clay Ford has to buy their way there!! And… next year… we will beat the 49ers… 😛

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