The FAT vacation (a photo album)

How the hell are you all?  I know it has been a long time since we have done this, but my beloved Pops wants to see a visual record of the damage we did to ourselves while on this latest trip to the Bay Area.  Granted we did see a ball game, but it was the the food that stole the show.

We started in Rhonert Park at In-N-Out burger.

The same day,  before the Giants-Dodgers game we were on our way to see,  we went to Pier 39.  I had a bread bowl of Clam Chowder from Boudin’s, Pops had a small sandwich (not pictured)

Picture taken from the Espetus Website

The next day (Saturday) we went to a Churrascaria, or what is more commonly known as a Brazilian Steakhouse.   All you can eat steak, ribs, chicken, pork, etc.  Happy Birthday Pops!

Later that night we went to Fenton’s in the East Bay, and I ate this HUGE Cookie Connection Sundae.

(Sunday) Before heading to the one of the largest Flea Markets around, we stopped off at Fuddruckers.  This was the “Feast de Resistance”.  After the Steakhouse, where the hell did this food go?

We got heat and sun at the Flea Market (San Jose)

We saw a Mariachi Band

We saw a place to get hair cuts for $7

We also saw a pony ride tent for the kids

After the Flea Market, we made the questionable decision to go to Kryspy Kreme

This is where the name “FAT Vacation” was more or less born

Then we went to a candy shop to rot our teeth, and we saw that movie they play in a constant loop  about that Chocolate Factory and that kid with the dead beat grandfather (inside joke)

Of course on our way home (Monday), we stopped at Cache Creek Casino gorge on their infamous Harvest Buffet.  This is where you tried to shame Bubbles for having two dessert items.  Really Pops!  Hello Kettle, meet the Pot.  We shall see just how hard our arteries have become.

However, we had a blast, and we all needed this weekend!


5 thoughts on “The FAT vacation (a photo album)

  1. I cant’ eat another bite….Not even one thin mint!

    Glad to see nacho cheese in there at one point at Fuddruckers.

  2. Rohnert Park In and Out…you are making me homesick! Looks like guys had a blast. Funny I went there just a few weeks before I moved away (burgers wrapped in lettuce – a great find for us health nuts!). ^_^

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