So I dated an Ax Murderer (Sort Of…)

The nice thing about traveling to the Bay Area is the ability to shop at stores we do not have on the North Coast.    I needed to upgrade the memory on my Netbook, so I stopped by Frys Electronics.

It was so easy to find just what I wanted.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Frys, there is a process to procuring your electronic goods.  Once you find what you want, you are given a ticket that you take to the check-out counter.  You then pick up your item there.

The woman at the check-out I drew to help me was one of Charo’s long lost relatives.  There was some mix-up she was trying to figure out, and it was taking a long time to resolve.  Pat eventually came over to the check-out to see what was going on.

So all things were resolved, and we moved onto to paying for my items.  So as I reached for my card to pay, Charo’s niece noticed the scar on my forehead.

“So what happened to your head?”

This question came out of nowhere.  We (Pat and I) had not been chatting her up, or even saying but two words to her during this.  Pat was so floored by this sudden question of a personal nature, he turned his head away and laughed.  As if he was saying “I can’t believe she asked him that!”.

In our usual form, I decided to pretend like I had no idea there was a scar on my head.  I used my smart phone to look at my reflection.  Pat went another direction…

“His ex-girlfriend tried to kill him.”

We left that poor woman so frazzled, she regretted ever asking.  I do not think she heard me tell her the real reason I had my scar.

Boy, we are bad.  However, this vacation is getting funner by the hour!