Cellular Phone Monogamy

Note:  My good friend and fellow Blogger Kristabel has flung herself back into writing on her blog I said that I was going to continue to sit on the sidelines for the time being.  However, I have quickly changed my mind, and have flung myself back into it as well.  I even have a new mantra I have stolen outright from my favorite show from across the Atlantic:  Ambitious but Rubbish!


The Phone:  First off, this is not a post for those people who have had the same cell phone for EVER!  You know the old school flip phones that have ringtones that sound like old audio sounds from an ancient Mac or PC with Windows 3.1.  However, the ringtone used by Tony Soprano in the hit HBO show The Sopranos was pretty cool; but that may only be due to the fact he was a mob boss.  This post is also not for the people who are scared of the Smart Phone revolution.  These people are afraid to upgrade because they worry that the phone will out smart the user.  This type of fear makes me think this is what it was like for the explorers who set sail to prove the Earth was not flat.  These adventure minded folks had to endure their version of people afraid of smart phones who promised them that they would sail of the edge of the planet.  Smart phones are the future you people with old flips phones that can’t receive Wi-Fi; and your outdated communications device is one step away from joining the laser disc and pager.  However, people still have pagers, right?

Enough!  This post is dedicated to those people who love the new fangled technology at the tips of our fingers.  The gazillion pixel camera with the ability to surf the net and talk at the same time is most bodacious.  The only thing better than that is to ditch that phone for the even newer, and more fangled one.

A phone also has to endure the user’s penchant for testing its durability.  It gets dropped, washed, placed in a toilet, ran over by a car, and sometimes a small child mistakes it for a hammer toy.  I am amazed at the endless fates a smart phone (or any wireless phone) can meet in its often brief life.

Which brings me to my friends, and I mean the friends who love a good smart phone.  I have a sneaky feeling that my friends with smart phones have had at least two or more “Smarties” since I have been with my one and only.  Heck, I know one friend who has had half a baker’s dozen in the time I have had mine.

This week will mark the two year anniversary of when I bought my first smart phone.  I held out for a few months, and even promised I would never upgrade.  Somewhere along the way I forgot what cause I was supporting in my defiance of smart phones, and purchased an HTC Desire (model pictured above).  I have owned four phones prior to the Desire.  Two of those phones would have to be replaced due to damage, and I used the insurance to get the same phone.  However, of the previous four phones I used prior to my smart phone, I did not keep any model longer than two years.  I typically upgraded when I was eligible.  That trend has ended with this phone I have now.

This phone has never been damaged.  I have dropped it on a few occasions, but it has been pretty durable.  It has never had to be replaced in an insurance claim.  This is the same phone I walked out of my cell phone provider’s shop with.  I must admit I am not impressed by any of the newer phones on the market at this time, and that has influenced my decision to stand pat with this phone.  At the same time, I am impressed with the long term aspect of my relationship with my cell phone.  In the age of love it and leave it technology, I am proud I have stood by my phone when younger and hotter models parade themselves in front or me.  My loyalty, it seems, extends into the realm of wireless communications.

Of course I am not a dreamer.  I will not walk forever with my HTC Desire.  There will come a day when I will have to take it out back and put it down.  Another way to look at it is that the time will come when a cell phone doctor, err technician, will explain to me that I will have to let it go.  Truth be told I most likely will not be sad on that day; hell I am genuinely surprised it has made it this far.  For now me and Desire have a good thing going, and who knows what our future will hold.